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  1. Nice to hear from you Lisa. I'd forgotten about this post, it was so long ago. Must have been some search to locate this thread. Now, don't tell me Chapman Brown & Frenchie have reformed & are now topping the bill at Las Vegas?
  2. I got the same reply when I reported the fault last week.
  3. Same with the M1 upgrade to make it a smart 'Smart Motorway' - read that as money making motorway - all the way from Nottingham to Leeds taking years to complete. My work takes me up to Scotland on a regular basis so I've been amazed at the progress on the new Forth road bridge - they only started putting in the new pylon foundations last year - I was amazed to see a sign saying new bridge opening late summer - THIS YEAR!
  4. There's a guy in Crystal Peaks market hall who sells Numatic Henry spares.
  5. Don't suppose you know when this guy usually gets in the Bridge do you?
  6. Thanks for the info - I'll call them.
  7. Not been fishing since 1980's but fancy re-starting. Does anyone know how/where to become a member to fish the pond in Ford bottom, Ridgeway?
  8. I think story No2 possibly accurate. I read an article on CC comments- sure it was in The Star - that he had asked one of the players to fill the gap linking midfield to to the forward line - he stated he was not going to name the player, but the player did not succeed in the role & told CC he wasn't happy in the role. With McGuggan not playing since, I presume it was him. Pity, he's a game changer in my opinion.
  9. The guy came to look where I'd seen the bird, but apparently the bird had escaped from an aviary close to where I live. The guy rang me today (Monday) to thank me, but unfortunately his bird is still missing
  10. Thanks for the info. Contacted the number on the link & the guy coming over to see if it's his bird.
  11. There's a large bird of prey perched on our neighbours roof. It appears to have a tether fastened to it's leg. Anyone lost one?
  12. I don't usually get involved with this rumours thing, but thought someone else could back up the gossip.
  13. Don't know how reliable this info is - from a guy who works in Commercial Development at Hillsborough - tells me that the gossip in his office is that Connor Wickham may be S6 bound. Don't hang me out to dry if it's just gossip, but you never know.
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