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  1. Not sure if this is an issue just for our house, street or further afield but mains water appears to stopped running. Anyone else in area having problems?
  2. HottyMcBuff

    Street lights off in sheffield 5

    No power cut in birley Carr area but virgin broadband appears to be down so may be related.
  3. A load of us night shifters are looking for a pub to watch the Rugby on Friday morning. Ideally somewhere which would serve beer and breakfast. First thought was Wetherspoons but not sure if they will be open in time? Anyone got any suggestions please?
  4. I've been to a few accidents on Harborough and at least 50% of them have involved illegally ridden motorcycles which I believe have been a real problem in the area for a long time. Sadly, changes to roads such as crossings and speed bumps will have little to no affect on this and instead require increased policing and increased penalties to deter others. That said, I am sure that crossings and speed bumps will help in other cases such as pedestrians, children playing etc and I am very glad to see that the young lad is recovering well.
  5. HottyMcBuff

    Fire lindsay avenue 01/09/2011

    Don't know about the fire as such but can tell you that there is ash spread all over the cars, path, gardens etc on Welney Place in Wadaley Bridge. Last time that happened it was an Icelandic volcano. Hope no one hurt.
  6. HottyMcBuff

    Are sirens necessary in the early hours

    As an ambulance bod I can say that I keep my sirens on pretty much constantly on jobs between 7:30am and 8-9pm and then also a lot of the time outside of those hours too, when crossing junctions that are busy at night, blind junctions, etc. I'm aware that people are sleeping and only use them when necessary in the middle of the night but I'm happy to say I consider my safety, the safety of other road users and the need of the person who has called 999 over the sleep of those people whose houses I'm passing. In regards to the 7am-11pm rule... try driving up West Street at midnight on a saturday and imagine the risks to all those pedestrians if a police/ambulance/fire were not allowed to use sirens to get to jobs quickly. We do have a 'best practice' type rule to keep the use of sirens through the night to a minimum and do try to be as considerate as possible. As for the sirens which don't come on quickly, we have to turn them on at short notice on occaision to make people aware of our presence quickly and a siren that gradually builds to a crescendo would be a dangerous idea (as well as affecting the ability of other road users to judge where the sound is coming from - as someone said earlier). Sadly, there have been a number of fatal or serious accidents in our region and all over the country where emergency vehicles have been involved in collisions with vehicles or pedestrians which could have been avoided if sirens were used. Compelling examples are the young student on broad street hit by a police car and the mother and daughter whose car was hit by a fire engine near meadowhall retail park. Although there were other factors involved in these collisions, sirens may have helped to avoid them.
  7. That'll be me yeah, the seats are quite straight backed and stiff but unless I'm watching an epic I don't usually notice. I hope my post earlier didn't imply to anyone that I think the staff side of the Sheffield cineworld are in any way to blame for my gripes about the cinema. Much the opposite. When I've had issues the staff, including management, have always been keen to help and rectify if possible. My gripes centre mainly around the cinema being a victim of it's own success and having to cut some corners to provide the service they offer on such a large scale. Two compliments I'd like to pay to the staff (because I feel that their being slightly over criticised on this thread in places) from my own experience of Sheffield. And I'm sure some people will disagree with me but the are my opinions so 1) I've never been to a cinema and rarely to any other retail or entertainment place, where the management maintain as much 'shop floor' presence as at Sheffield cineworld. There is almost always a member of the management team available in the foyer area. 2) on more than one occasion I have been very pleasantly surprised by the care that staff at the cinema have given to unwell or injured customers to whom I have been called to attend as a Paramedic. V impressive for any business I have been to. I do go to Chesterfield the majority of the time now but if the cinema was able to improve in the areas I talked about in my previous post then it would be great to see.
  8. Whilst I can sympathise with the OP at the dissapointment of not being able to see the film, I feel that the staff (both former and current) have done a commendable job of explaining the difficulties the cinema had with these screenings. My personal opinions of Sheffield Cineworld are mixed. I applaud their choice and range of films up to a point but their world cinema choices do seem to be mostly aimed at finanacial gain in a large, ethnicly diverse city like Sheffield, where demand for features from India, Pakistan etc is high. But this is just plain business sense and can't be criticised. You are unlikely to find much European, South American, African and other world cinema features at Cineworld unless they have already proven popular elsewhere but we are lucky enough to have plenty of choice in cinemas in Sheffield and those wanting to see such films have a much better chance at The Showroom. My biggest gripe with Sheffield Cineworld is a decrease in quality control over the past few years. Specifically, their projection and concession products. I have had a few too many experiences with shaky and out of focus pictures, incorrect ratio selections and sound issues at this cinema and although staff are always keen to help and rectify these problems, they should not be happening on such a regular basis. I think these issues are possibly due to an increase in automated projection machinery and a subsequent decrease in projection staff, leading to these issues going unnoticed for longer periods if at all. The products from the concession stand such as popcorn and nachos seem less fresh than those I have tried at other cinemas but again I feel that this is because the cinema has become a victim of its own success as the demand requires food to be prepared in advance so much more. My own action after these experiences was to begin using the Chesterfield Cineworld more (even though I live in north Sheffield) as this cinema provides a better product and viewing experience than the Sheffield branch IN MY OPINION. Although there is less choice of films and screening times, the beneifts for me out weigh these issues. The popcorn and nachos always seem much crispier and fresher too, which is important
  9. If you go to a showing of a film which is listed as AD or Audio Described at Cineworld, does the talk track describing what is happening on the screen get played through the normal speakers or do people who wish to hear get special headsets? Planning a movie double bill tomorrow and one of the films is listed that way. Has anyone been to a similar showing? if it is through headphones is there no difference?
  10. I've been to all these 'in the line of duty' as a paramedic. None of them make my list of the few homes in Sheffield that I wouldn't let my worst enemy live. They all have good, kind and friendly staff but I'd say that the ones I would put top of the list would be broomcroft followed by henleigh hall based on location, fascillities and rooms. That's not to say that any of the others are unsuitable or below par. Just personal preference based on my own experiences. Hope this helps.
  11. HottyMcBuff

    Tramlines Guaranteed Entry Wristbands

    We won four pink wrist bands on Hallam FM. I ended up singing Gabriela Cilmi on air. The shame. Anyway, there guaranteed entry / re-entry for Saturday. It'll be the way someone else said, 7500 places + 500 for wristbands for example. Its the grumpy bitter people like Mr (adopts anal, condescending, high pitch voice) 'A little thing called health and safety' who go to these things and complain about queing, the toilets and there being too many people. Just enjoy what will be a great atmosphere, make new friends, dance, sing, be merry buddy!
  12. HottyMcBuff

    Ambulances on Crowder Road

    My post was more about the stupid things we get called to, not people being disrespectful about accidents. I find the 'electronic rubber necking' that is regularly shown on this site after every RTC, Murder, Mugging, Helicopter hovering overhead etc. to be quite entertaining. Especially when its jobs that I've been to.
  13. HottyMcBuff

    Ambulances on Crowder Road

    Anyway, back on topic, I work out of Longley station and can sadly confirm that numerous ambulances were called upon during the day yesterday. Because there might be family members or friends of the people who called these ambulances on this forum, please can we be considerate and polite. Patients like the 30ish year old male I went to who needed an emergency blue light response for his chesty cough he'd had for 4 days already, or the guy who had taken far too many drugs at some all night rave and collapsed in town and wet himself at 2 in the afternoon, before assaulting the ambulance staff who went to help him. So lets just be careful and respectful, ok?
  14. HottyMcBuff

    Where can I pay for an Xray?

    Phone 999 and ask for an ambulance. If you tell them you have chest pain they will send you a fast response ambulance car within 8 minutes, followed shortly afterwards by a double manned ambulance. If you tell them your wrist is entrapped in or under something you should also get the fire service (who release at least 600 press statements a day on what they do so you'll make it into the star) and the ambulance service hazardous area response team. The police will turn up to close the road and act on behalf of the health and safety executive untill they arrive. Get taken to hospital and make sure you DEMAND morphine and a cigarette before you leave and as soon as you arrive at the hospital. At the hospital DO NOT let them put you in the waiting room. You have a serious injury and need to be seen by the next 7 or 8 available doctors. More morphine. More cigarettes. Shout at the nurses when you want a drink. They love that really, makes them feel special. When you go for an X ray, don't stand for waiting whilst other people get their x rays. More shouting, this time at the radiographers, should do the trick. When your X ray shows nothing demand a 2nd, 3rd and whenever possible 4th opinion. The A&E dept should really get an orthopaedic reg down to see you, at the very least. Get a few of the classics in like 'I pay your wages' and 'I get seen a lot quicker in Rotherham' and then go home without waiting to be actually discharged. Or just look at your bad arm, shake it a bit, if it hurts take some painkillers. Its probably not broken.
  15. HottyMcBuff

    Emergency vehicles with no sirens

    It is quite common practice to drive without sirens, especially between 11pm and 7am and when they are not required - such as when not in a built up area. Although there isn't anything to say 'you cannot use your siren outside of these hours' there has been a recent up-tick in complaints about the use of them obviously because we (amb) have been asked to be a little more considerate with the use of our sirens. I have no further comment on that at the risk of getting into trouble tho :s Meadowhall can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes because of its size but the security are good and tend to have someone waiting to meet us at a rvp but if we're a bit too quick we may have to figure it out ourselves. Our Sat Navs are kinda sucky at the best of times so maps come into regular use. When we have patients in the back who need rushing in to hosp we try to avoid sirens as much as poss as, as said earlier, it can distress the patients a bit more and also its already noisy enough being thrown around in the back of those things without the sirens and we have quite a lot of questions to ask the pt or relative. The bit that makes me laugh is when I have sirens going and I get dirty looks off pedestrians with their fingers jammed in their ears - their fingers are probably doing more damage to your inner ear than my sirens ever could! But I also try not to turn my sirens on when people don't know im there because Ive made people jump enough that they have fallen over in the past - sorry :s - but it can't be avoided sometimes.

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