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  1. Tweety birds are telling me that theres a few new beers to be seen at 3 Valleys this year Andy ---------- Post added 02-06-2015 at 21:55 ---------- Jolly Farmer are to announce their beer list tomorrow too
  2. Maybe my standards are low...Maybe I was the lucky one... I went to Hillsborough Morrisons recently and was impressed with my fish and chips. Good value for money...The staff were a bit surly and the tables could do with being cleared quicker but overall I had no grounds for complaint at all and would happily go back another day...
  3. Mortge broker here... don't prat about by getting loads of applications under your belt. You will do more damage to your credit file. I would throw it into the long grass until your probation period has elapsed.
  4. Rule of thumb.. if the area is as rough as hell it will attract tennants that are as rough as hell...wide bearth..
  5. Looks like the weather will hold...Looking forward to trying the beers at Travellers Rest...I heard that they have some Dronfield American Pale on too
  6. Used to go up from Bradway with Tiffer and Gwill..
  7. there are some old railway arches near the Victoria hotel nr town, cheap as chips they are
  8. I'm an independent advisor if you want any advice
  9. Longacre Road, off Hill Top Road, Dronfield Hill Top, Dronfield. http://www.hilltopclub.co.uk
  10. Loads of live bands at Hill Top Club... in the not too distant future:- 11th January....Take That Tribute band...Rule the World 17th January...Symertry...Girl Band 18th January..3 FBs Indeband 25th January...OKTC...not to be missed Then full itinerary for February March sees Queen tribute band.. Cheap Bar prices...
  11. I was charged £9.60 from Meadowhead to Dronfield...<REMOVED> rip off
  12. As above if you want a shortcrust pastry...I like a suet based crust...fantastic as the crust rises a little in the oven... Also a bit of balsamic vinegar in the gravy gives a depth of sweetness, especially if your slow cooking the beef to make it fall appart
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