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  1. I'm in need of a dentist who specialises in veneers / cosmetic dentistry and wonder if anyone can recommend one, preferably in North Sheffield. Thanks
  2. Hi. Does any one know any pet shops in or around sheffield who stock Burgess Supa Rabbit Natural or similar rabbit food that is pellet free? My bunny will not eat pellets and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find the Burgess Natural that he loves
  3. Can anyone recommend a roofer please for replacement of an entire pitched roof . S35 area.
  4. I've used the ladies members locker rooms 3 times a week for the last 2 years and never had anything stolen but I have been in the numerous times when there were women just sat in there not doing anything at all. I particularly noticed the same woman on a few occasions who just looked totally out of place. She was at least 60, was in full religious dress (inc headscarf etc) and had no belongings with her. She didn't look capable of walking very far unaided, never mind hitting the gym!! She was literally just sat there seemingly doing nothing for the entire time it took me to shower, dress and get ready for work. Perhaps wrongly I just assumed she was a cleaner slacking off but I have noticed since that the cleaners all wear a uniform. I will certainly be keeping my stuff with me in future!!
  5. Good grief.... the things people complain about. If you've ever been to Wagamamas, Wasabisabi or any other Japanese-type restaurant you know that they like to dish things up as they are ready, rather than waiting til it's all ready (ie keeping some of it 'warm' while the rest is cooking). They cook most of the noodle type stuff on a hotplate type thing and if you look at the open plan kitchen in Wagamamas you will see that they don't have masses of space for dozens of unnecessary warming ovens/lamps. If you don't like that style of service don't go there! Go somewhere where some meals are dried out because they have been left under hot lamps while the rest of the order is cooked.... oooooh or even better, somewhere where everything is straight from freezer to microwave to table in less than 10 minutes. Yummy!
  6. Has anyone had a nail bed tattoo'd - or tattoo'd someone else's?? I had ingrowing toenails removed 15 years ago and they look awful. I've got other tattoos and don't usually get bothered by the 'pain' but I realise that it's probably gonna hurt like hell as they are extremely sensitive. So I wondered if anyone had any experience of this. If numbing cream isn't sufficient to dull the pain, is there anywhere that would do it as a cosmetic/medical procedure with local anaesthetic??
  7. Picking up an old thread..... does anyone one know if any supermarkets (or anywhere else) still takes in coat hangers for recycling? I must have 200+ that need rehoming. They are all in tact. If anyone knows where I can take them for recycling then please let me know.... or PM me if you want any of them!
  8. I moved my sofa today and noticed that there are funny scorch marks on the radiator behind where the sofa was. The radiator is modern and was only installed about 5 years ago. The other radiators are all ok. The marks cover an area about 15cm x 15cm right in the middle of the radiator and will not clean off. I tried to google such a problem but just got loads of stuff about discolouration of radiator fluid and leak problems. Anyone know why the front surface of the radiator would appear scorched?
  9. Did have to smile at all the people who decided to try and beat the roadworks by cutting through the bottom end of Grenoside only to find that the junction between Cinder Hill and A16 has been blocked off (been like that for over 20 years). Saw 5 cars pull up to the concrete bollards and turn back there in about 2 minutes
  10. All the lights in my house have been flickering intermittently for the past 3 or 4 nights. My parents live nearby and have had a similar issue. We live in Grenoside - anyone know why this is happening?
  11. I really feel for you. I am one of the people who had to move house to save my own sanity from the clutches of the neighbour from hell. There are a few things that might determine how you deal with this. Are you a homeowner or a tenant? If tenant, council or private? Are they a homeowner or a tenant? If tenant, council or private? If you both own your properties then it is pretty hard to get anywhere by reporting them, calling 101, keeping diaries. The council will help 'advise' you and lend you a noise recorder but they do not get involved with court procedings unless you/they are council tenants. You would have to arrange that side of things and stump up the fees etc. All of that is only going to cause more strain and bad feeling. Also, from the minute you officially start proceedings, you would have to declare it if you decide to sell. I lived with it for 6 years and was literally driven mad. My advice would be move and never look back
  12. It is unfortunate that the way First run their company always seems to result in the drivers being blamed. Maybe some drivers were advised that OAP passes are vaild before 9am this week but there is a huge possibility that not all drivers were told this. The morning drivers start work at the depot. The admin staff are no longer based there so there is every likelyhood that the message did not get through to all drivers. Bus radios don't always work either. I'd be miserable too if I was constantly under attack because I worked for a crap company.
  13. After 2 days working from home I was glad to get back to work today. Bus on time, no traffic and no students. Quite a few people turned in, largely because they were also fed up working from home. My work are quite good, as we have the ability to work from home. We were thanked for making the effort to get in to the office and told we could slope off after 4 but we were busy so most people actually worked over by about 30 minutes to get stuff finished off. Probably made up for the fact that we'd been less productive at home earlier in the week Its a bit of give and take
  14. Drinking other animals milk has always seemed odd to me. I refused to drink those little bottles of milk at primary school and was more than happy when Mrs Thatcher became the school milk snatcher. Panic buying is funny though. It's just been on the news that there are SEVERE petrol/diesel stortages now.... so I'm off now for a brisk walk down to the local Esso with my Bags-for-Life
  15. My husband has just driven from Grenoside to Tankersley and back on A61 and says it's awful. There is some traffic but it's still really slippy and there are a number of abandoned cars. I know it's stating the obvious but anyone using the A61 please be aware it's slippier than it looks
  16. It's not always the delivery of grit to the bins or location of them that's the problem. On my street there are a couple of old guys who come out at the first sign of snow and basically empty the entire contents of the bin on to a stretch of road about 10ft long. Last year I spent 2 hours sweeping left-over grit off the road in June as so much had been dumped on such a small stretch over winter, it never cleared. They never clear any of the snow, just dump grit over the top of it. Absolutely pointless!
  17. has anyone on here actually had a tattoo removed?? My husband wants to get rid of a SUFC badge from the top of his arm. There is no way it could be covered up as its bigger than a digestive and mainly black. He would consider having a new tattoo there once the badge is gone but ideally would like to get rid altogether. Happy to pay for laser treatment but would like feedback from someone who as actually had it done. cheers
  18. I love all this bickering! There is a pretty big difference between immigrants who have applied for a visa and have qualifications, a confirmed job when they arrive and who can fill a position in our job market that no one in this country has been able to fill and an asylum seeker who has some how snook in to the country with no papers and no qualifications. Either way, personally I think that during the hard times that we are in now I don't think we should be allowing either type to enter the country until we're sorted. How about concentrating on sorting out the mess we are in before making it any worse. If no one in the UK already is qualified to perform a niche job.... train someone. As for the Gamus of this world, if you had a visa and it expired and you're not eligable for a new one then hop on the plane. Being lead vocalist in the local church choir does not override national home office rules, however 'cute' simon cowell thinks you are. Maybe the country would generally be in better shape if there was no such thing as benefits at all (except for genuine disability of course) How about you only get unemployment benefit if you go out and clear litter/clean up grafitti and do other community work for a minimum of 25 hours per week - regardless of whether you were born and bred here or you snook in on a lorry.
  19. I have lived through this and am sorry to say that unless they are council tennants you are better off not bothering with the recording and reporting. The police and council can help you record noise etc but it's up to you to take them to court and as a previous postee mentioned you have to advise potential buyers of any official disputes. My neigbour was pretty similar by the sounds of it but there was no way he ever would find a wife. He had a Jack russel instead. I can't remember what was worse, hearing him playing sophie ellis-bextor songs over and over again at 4am or the amourous goings on between him and the dog (I really should have called the RSPCA it was disgusting). He used to throw his garden rubbish in to my garden and was generally a t**t. I started the diary and spoke to my manager at work who is a magistrate to get some advice. In the end I was glad I didn't formalise and just sold up instead. I wouldn't get a buyer if there was a known dispute of this nature. I couldn't bring myself to sell to anyone 'nice' so I found a guy who was a professional landlord and didn't look like he would stand for any crap. I had 4 years of anxiety attacks and sleepless nights. I just hope that the dog eventually came to it's senses and bit his c**k off!!
  20. you can go in to beauty trade sales places even if you're not trade yourself. There is a place called 'sally' just behind halfords on queens road.
  21. Can't see you having much problem with that. There must be loads of disused factories and warehouses now the old recession has been on a good couple of years. Though probably nearer to town. Neepsend is full of to-let signs.
  22. I'm quite interested in this thread after being kept awake all night on Saturday by what ever it was going on near Grenoside. There seem a few contradictions. Many people saying that laws are not being broken and police do nothing but then lots of people saying that the events can't be publicised because the police will stop them. Why are you so scared to publish details if you are doing nothing wrong? Don't you think that the neighbours deserve warning so they can prepare for a sleepless night. The noise on Saturday/sunday was bad (thats bad as in bad not bad as in good) and the police got loads of complaints. Surely if the music was just turned down 50%, there would be less complaints and less chance of police intervention.... so less hassle and more chance the parties can continue. It must have been deafening at source. The other issue is that if these parties are arranged by so called nature loving hippies who respect the country side then what respect do they have for the wildlife living in Grenoside's ancient woodlands? You say you look for locations away from the cities, is picking a quiet semi-rural village where loads of birds seek refuge really the best you can come up with? It's not just people affected by your inconsiderate actions. Just drop the volume a bit and surely everyone can be happy
  23. never mind the neighours what about the poor wildlife living in the woods. If it disturbed us, miles away imagine what it did to the birds and bunnies and squirrels etc. I wouldn't mind but it's 2010 not 1992. Didn't bleepy techno crap get put on the cringe shelf about 10 years ago. It's tragic on so many levels!
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