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  1. I had booked a table for Saturday for a birthday gathering and when we arrived it was closed. No phone call, nothing. Very rude indeed.
  2. Is this bar/restaurant still open, any one been in recently?
  3. Isn't there a Whittards in Meadowhall and there is one in Manchester. Failing that conttact http://www.teaboxonline.com/ they may be able to help They are based in Sheffield and the lady that runs te store is lovely. She may be able to source some for you Let us know if they do
  4. Have you tried the huge Chinese Supermarket near to Aldi on London Road ? They seem to sell everything Good luck and let me know if it is fruitful
  5. Frost/Nixon 8/10 better than I was thinking
  6. Love it there, better than lidl. Always pick up a bargain. We do our main shop there then Castle Market for meat, veg box delivery for veg and everything else tesco Veuve Olivier Sparkling Rosé - light and refreshing and a steal at £3.99 nachos - very good dry roasted nuts - top Parmesan cheese very good - for the price extra virgin olive oil - very peppery washing detergent tablets - not so good peanut butter as good as Whole Earth tooth paste - afraid not as good as Tesco
  7. wilt some spinach and add it to the quark with nutmeg and pepper and stuff canneloni tubes
  8. wash and keep whole then wrap them in foil and roast with skins on until tender 1hr - 1 1/2 depending on size. I eat it all even the skin as instead of a jacket potato - lovely with a drizzle of olive oil on and lots of black pepper
  9. Hi I'm hoping someone could possibly give me a little advice. I have a garden well paved outside area so I have opted for pots everything is looking great and sprouting well apart from my bay tree and lavender. Bay tree - repotted to a larger/deeper container so room for growth but its looking a little sorry for it's self. Do I need to trim/add something to soil/ plant food feed it/ should it be in direct sunlight? It was a gift and I don't want to kill it. I've had it a year so I must be doing something right. The leaves are green but have dry/brown edges on a few not all. Lavender - it looks dead to be honest. In a large pot but I did break a twig off and saw green so thought it may be fine. Will it be ok to repot into something larger so that it will spread? Many thanks in advance for constructive comments
  10. I use ground pepper bought in large quantities from the Chinese supermarket about 80p a 100g bag. It seems to be working well and I'm planting marigolds too - cats hate them. Hope this helps
  11. I've used this book lots of lovely recipes and very easy to do, it covers all sorts of picnic types i.e at the seaside, romantic, children's, winter, on a bike etc. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Picnics-More-Than-Inspiring-Recipes/dp/1840913584/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1302549553&sr=1-5 hope this is useful
  12. I got my shin from W.Bunting & son at Castle market - a huge piece for £2.48 once diced made enough stew for 2 people for 5 meals plus the home made suet and rosemary dumplings nom nom
  13. dice large pieces of beef shin - it's lovely and tender in a stew once cooked for 2-3 hours nom nom
  14. What time is it running from and to and is there an on the door charge? Thanks
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