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  1. Thank you everyone for all your help with this! its strange to think that somewhere along the line, were all related! x
  2. yeah I think these are my great great cousins? or uncles? I have a million pieces of scrap paper with it all written on so going to have to sit down and try and put some kind of order in to it! So the Alf that owned the coal merchants was his brother? Does anyone know of any stories? Im interested in find out where he lived (street) and whetehr he had children but also stories about the family, Incidents like what happened in the pub. I'd like to know my past not jus the facts. Thank you everyone x
  3. hi, Thank you for all the replies! its so interesting finding out about him. The amos stuart that married Hannah Sedwick was his dad. In the census before Amos(jnr) was born, Hannah Sedwick was living with Amos(snr) and i presume they got married in the 20's. Amos(jnr) was in prison from 1925 to 1935. Does anyone know of Gladys Lishman? If they had children? Did he stay in the sheffield area? Thank you so much for all your information! x
  4. hi, Thanks, any information would be useful. In the 1891 census it say that hannah sedgwick lived with the stuarts and there were two children (wilfred and elizabeth sedgwick), were these brothers and sisters of Amos? Does Alf Stuart ring any bells? Thanks
  5. Hi, We have just started doing some family history stuff and was wondering if anyone has any information on Amos Stuart who was involved in the Princess Street Murder? Theres quite a lot of information about him up to going in to prison but wondered what happened to him once he was released? did he marry? have a family of his own? Thank you
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