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  1. Hi Childminder required for my 4 year old nephew (asap). Required on Thursdays and Fridays until Easter and then Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays afterwards. 8am till 5.30pm in and around S8 (Norton, Greenhill, Woodseats etc). Thanks
  2. According to the bookmakers, he's still favourite to win Sheffield Hallam. I believe he will also. If I was in Sheffield Hallam, I would vote for him. Unfortunately, I'm in Sheffield Heeley which is pretty much a Labour stronghold.
  3. Martha Heritage across from Millhouses park sell Annie Sloane chalk paint.
  4. Martha Heritage Cafe and Gift Shop in Millhouses.
  5. I've noticed that the cafe and gift shop 'Martha Heritage' in Millhouses rent a white one out.
  6. Sally at Gallery33 on Abbey Lane makes engagement rings to your specifications. She has a website with examples of her work http://www.sallyratcliffe.co.uk/
  7. There are several: Seven Hills WI http://sevenhillswi.blogspot.co.uk/ Hallam Rose WI http://en-gb.facebook.com/HallamRoseswi Crosspool WI http://crosspoolwi.moonfruit.com/#
  8. Can confirm also saw a dog of this description about an hour ago on bypass. Had to swerve - please be careful if travelling this way as the dog was walking all over the road and was not fearful of traffic.
  9. I love corvids - they are so intelligent. Glad he's ok - well done for taking him in.
  10. Thank you for your post and I'm glad your cat is ok. I read recently in a cat magazine about a cat drowning in an uncovered water butt at an allotment so it really is checking any water butts.
  11. Regarding the question about Barbers in S8, my OH went to a new one on Abbey Lane called 'Monks' (I think) and we were very impressed. Only opened a few weeks ago and we will definitely go back. Also appreciated the décor.
  12. I totally agree with this. Had my surgery had the vision centre as I only truly trusted the team at the hospital with something as delicate as my eyes. I am so pleased with the results. Would like to add that they offer interest free credit finance and would highly recommend.
  13. The only time this has happened to my cat was when she got stung by a wasp. Swelled up massively but went down the next day. Worth checking out though especially if you didn't witness what caused it as it could be a number of things.
  14. Charisma Blinds are local and did a great job with our lounge blinds. Their website: http://www.charisma-blinds.com/
  15. Just seen on Purrs in Hearts forum that Beaphar spot on flea treatment for cats is being recalled as a batch was packed incorrectly and contains dog flea treatment. There is further information on the Pets at Home here: http://www.petsathome.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Info_10051_recall-notice_-1_10551
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