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  1. Cheers guys. I did trace my route but with no luck. I'll try the police station. Thanks.
  2. Hi I lost my car key whilst jogging in Graves Park this Morning (Sunday 21/4/13). If anyone find it please send me a message. Many thanks Richard
  3. I agree, Sheffield is really lacking in good bars, especially good bars that are open late. Is there a market for a late bar that A) isn't rammed and B) doesn't play really loud music?
  4. I had a pizza from there on Saturday, it was really good.
  5. I can't even ring up to complain. After 30 minutes on hold I give up.
  6. why not track the location over a period of time, you should then be able to get a better location from an average of triangulation? - Just a suggestion I think that's what I would do.
  7. They did exactly the same when we (Leicester) played forest.
  8. Unlucky Owls. Up the foxes, Good luck to both Sheffield teams in the promotion quest.
  9. Watch the bar staff in there, they always try and over charge you especially as the night goes on. Thieves! I dont drink in there anymore. The Great Gatsby bar over the road is much better.
  10. Don't go to Allied Carpets, Tossers (and rip off merchants) Sorry if that offends anyone. PS In answer to the OP I have used Benson Carpets and highly recommend them.
  11. It would bring in lots of additional trade, it would make Sheffield commutable in Manchester and could only improve the Sheffield economy IMO.
  12. on a serious note, I do think Sheffield's people (males and females) generally are fatter than Manchester, Leeds, Shottingham etc
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