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  1. yes but some need doing more than others.
  2. all the parties are usless and liers and i would not trust any of them. there a bunch of criminals. ---------- Post added 07-06-2014 at 21:55 ---------- yes and good but why not leave the ones that dont need doing till the last and consentrate on the ones that need doing.
  3. dont know why they bother i could do a better job with a pair of sissors. loads of missed bits and bits where they just not done cause to lazy... and some i think got there tractor licence of a kellogs box.. thats if they have one ant way.
  4. no i wont remove it. if they were not on the road they would not get run over. roads are made for cars and stuff like that. unless it was years ago when it was horses...
  5. this council is a joke. waste cash on things that dont need doing like the stupid moor market and roads that dont need doing but leaving the ones that do need doing. people complaining about the council but you had the chance to get these idiots out but stupid people still vote for them...
  6. should have just knocked the cyclist of...
  7. clegg and camron are just a pair of fraudsters . yet idiots still vote for them.
  8. and yet stupid people still vote for them.
  9. could have been the good people frome britain first or ukip.
  10. what i like about sheffield is the road that takes me out of it.
  11. just want to say Happy st George's day everyone.
  12. clegg just go get camron and then both of you walk of a cliff or boil your heads. idiot pear of idiots. ---------- Post added 21-04-2014 at 22:58 ---------- too many refugees on this small island. nothing to do with the race its just fact that england is full... ---------- Post added 21-04-2014 at 22:58 ---------- i know people are going to moan at my comment but i could not car a f
  13. send them back there is no room for them. too many as it is. hope ukip get in.
  14. starving africans dont make me laugh they are richer than england they just wont help them selfs and why would they when idiots like you are sending them money. england should come first. sod other countrys ---------- Post added 12-02-2014 at 11:10 ---------- britain first other countrys can wait. send them condoms to stop them breeding. or just drop a nuke on them and then wont need to send them money. i dont pay tax so it can help some other country when they wont help them selfs. england has alot of homeless and aids ridden kids. ---------- Post added 12-02-2014 at 11:13 ---------- camron is just acting like he cares he only doing it so plebs vote for him and if people do there just as thick as him.
  15. there are some real bad drivers on wybourn they don't look just pull strait out and one road they do it and its a blind spot i am very surprised no one has died or had a smash there yet. and police are the worst culprits for it.
  16. stupid. its not like they have a decent job. "and yes i do have one" all they do is take other peoples rubbish. it should be weekly
  17. Grammar trolls strike again. So wat if grammar int used.
  18. Does any one know any updates. ---------- Post added 19-01-2014 at 00:01 ---------- Prob just some druggy thug yob chav...
  19. some one got arrested for buying there donuts.
  20. could be a wedding as there culture have massive weddings and funerals,
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