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  1. no but the odd road that has been done is now worse than before
  2. what you expect with all the little thugs on there and there parents not giving two shts
  3. yer and most of the beggers have a new car and a house and tones of money. just do it cause they no people will fall for it. charity starts at home. charities are just legalised scams... I know ill get abuse for this but I don't care. ill never donate or give these scroungers any thing
  4. google maps have removed leeds as its a dump
  5. think you should go read the high way code.dual carage ways are 60
  6. why was he on there in the first place. that road is no place for them. feel sorry for his family but still stupid for going on that road ---------- Post added 01-08-2014 at 12:41 ---------- its a 60mph road no cyclist should be on there.
  7. he should get knighted aswell... i bet no one else would or could walk the milage he does. and all for charity he is an amazing bloke.. he deserves it more than other people who have got it like football players.
  8. morrisons sell dodgy food aswell. they are just a dodgy place and a over priced one aswell
  9. yobs that are riding up and down my road on wybourn on motor bikes got nothing better to do than ride up and down the same road why not get a job instead of been a Nuisance
  10. ye apart from the recent murders but there probly just to dirty druggies... maybe if all druggies just killed each other of would be alot better, there just filth of the world
  11. does any one know why there where police cars and there chopper was over wybourn tonight
  12. there is nothing there compared to the old market.. the council just used all that cash for that instead of using half the ammount just to do the old one up.
  13. dont like any religion. they all the same in one way or another
  14. ill go down and give them a hand. about time people stood up to the problem, i supprt edl and ukip and britian first and proud it has nothing to do with racist. just small minded people think that they are racist, it is not racist to dislike or dis aprove of a religion and its not racist to speak out about it. and ror the grammar police "do one"
  15. healey city farm staff caught it. even tho the cow came from graves park. only a young one.
  16. the one on city road was frome graves park a volenteer left gate open. cause the staff there are thick as sht
  17. people who have no clue how to catch a lone cow. wish i was there to see it id be rolling about laughing. it be very amuzing...
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