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  1. Hello all, I've seen a number of Sheffield written/based books mentioned on here and so I'm adding another. It's my Mum's book, she's a multiple published author, used to write the Red Dwarf mags years back and a lot of other stuff besides, that's just my favourite. Anyway, she's writing a fair amount of young adult fiction and this is her most recent release which is loosely based in Sheffield from Roman times, through modern day and into the future. When I say loosely based, if you know the city, you'd recognise plenty of the locations but it would translate to any city. Best suited to ages 12-16 ish depending on the capability of the reader. Here's a link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Girl-Time-Ann-Wright-ebook/dp/B01BX1G7UQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475662956&sr=8-1&keywords=a+girl+in+time
  2. Saturday 9th August at Kiveton & Wales Village Hall. Free entry but table hire is at a fee. 11.30 - 2.30 for buyers, 10.45 for sellers. Lots of new and nearly new items for sale for babies through to YA. Find us Facebook or contact 07557052396 or 07881736541. The main car park is just after the smaller Co-op in Kiveton and goes behind the library.
  3. I'm so sad to hear that John has gone. He was a lovely chap and I enjoyed knowing him. My condolences to his loved ones.
  4. Hi, I'll message you with my details. Thanks Strix for letting me know
  5. Hi, I have a good reputation on here, public liability insurance, an enhanced CRB check and a colleague with the same credentials with a fab Santa suit. Please feel free to message me and I'll give you my number and a link to pictures of my work if you'd like to see them. Kind regards Z
  6. This thread could have been me word for word 7 years ago. Both my twins were breech, one a footling (the first) and the second standard breech but she could have moved later maybe. I was terrified. I opted for a spinal which worked fine, they did a great job of putting it in and it was highly effective. The section itself went fine. Second twin vanished further up and got brought out by forceps in the section, slightly unusual I gather but no detriment to any of us. My only issue that first night was when I was moved onto the ward. Having had major abdominal surgery I was then left, unable to reach my babies and unable to sit or lift them anyway. I was really upset about it and would strongly advise you are certain the buzzer is in reach and your babies are too before you are left. We were moved to a private room in the morning as a multiple birth, then stayed there 5 days. My section scar felt tight, that's totally normal but do keep an eye on it for infection. It was recommended to use tea tree products to reduce the chance of infection, I certainly had no problems and didn't bleed much either. The recovery after that was fine. I'd suggest you take it easy, don't rush, don't push yourself, there's just no need. Don't rush to leave hospital if you don't want to, 5 days is fairly normal, some have more some less, do what is right for you. Because we had a private room my partner was able to stay, we took a folding z bed and therefore he slept in the room with us which was great. Whoever takes you home could bring in a cushion or pillow to cushion the wound site from the seat belt on the way home Loose knickers and maternity clothing might be a good idea after the birth, can't predict what will happen as every womans body is different. Despite my abject fear it went ok. I wouldn't opt for a section again, because I hated the recovery and the change in my independence so my next baby due in 14 weeks is hopefully arriving by hypnobirthing. Having said that, he could be breech too and maybe I'll have to have another section, but, I wouldn't be half so afraid now. The staff at Jessops vary in their bedside manner but their medical care skills never concerned me. I sincerely hope you have the best birth you possibly can and that your babies are lovely and content. My girls were 7 at the weekend and they're all hale and healthy, big and tall, bright and completely bonkers
  7. High Hopes Drama Club reopens after the summer break on Wednesday 12th September at 5.45 pm at Stomp hall on the Paces Campus, Packhorse Lane, High Green (right by Hullabaloos). £2.50 per child for 2 whole hours of drama tuition for kids aged 5-16. Builds confidence, self esteem, drama skills, communication skills as well as fabulous social fun.
  8. No further news at the moment.
  9. Update from another persons status... Just an update on the Beagle puppy rescue.....the Beagle Welfare group are getting involved and helping, along with lots of others who have offered homes. :)
  10. I dread to think. The facility seems to be one of the less brutal versions I've read about, but frankly, I don't know a lot about it.
  11. Well, I rang Deano, who tells me they are 3 months olds, socialised and toilet trained and have come to the end of their lab useful 'life'. His shop have offered help after a lady called Carole told him about it. Given the details he gave me and a few minutes internet sleuthing, there is a testing facility close to his shop and which does do that sort of testing so it seems legit. I'm inclined to leave the number up for now as I think, by route, that this is likely to be genuine. However, apparently this particular facility does this with some regularity, so maybe the Beagle place need to know about it for future reference.
  12. OK, passed the Beagle Welfare info back to the original person so fingers crossed
  13. I've no idea Spats, just too much of a soft touch to imagine animals being put down so I figured this was the place.
  14. I didn't even know there was one but now I know I'll post back on the status
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