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  1. Looking at cutlers. There was a Nichols family here that made knives for the Indian market. Also looking at the Goodison family (Colin) who was the last cutler in Stannington
  2. Hi I have for some years being trying to gather info on the firm. I suppose you know that much machinery is now in the grounds of the Northern General hospital?
  3. in between Wallace and Pickering at the top. old curved bricks. I have photos, do you ever visit?
  4. The people up there now have uncovered an old well
  5. I am confused now. Someone said it was up the rd on the right. I think the one in the foreground is 193. The even numbers being on the left in the photo. 154 being 15 houses down (on the thread I think).
  6. Hi Person 6 Thanks, I looked at the film a few days aago after seeing your post. How did that film come about. Re. Orwell, its just a personal interest. The area is fascinating and I am trying to explore before development.
  7. Hi Trying to find out exactly where George Orwell stayed in 1936. he was with the Searles 154 Wallace Rd. Anyone know whereabouts or which side of the rd. thanks
  8. Worked in the chemi lab with Don Mills up to 1970, do you still have any contact, photos? Thanks, Mike ---------- Post added 13-09-2017 at 23:10 ---------- I am trying to collect information and photos on Sandersons (Darnal) from the crucible days to its closure. I worked there and my great grandfather was Steel Manager who died at the gate house in 1893. Interested in the history and often visit but after 50 years I dont remember a lot. I do remember the great meals in the canteen. It seems photographs are a bit rare? I have one of the 5 ton hammer team. mike
  9. Thats incredible I spent hours looking and asking for the church records with no success. I am trying to concentrate on the victim of which little attention has been paid (doing a talk in March 17th at Darnall Library) I live at Rivelin Thanks for reply mike PS Arthur was buried at Tinsley Church where there is a gravestone
  10. Hi Still trying to make contact with any relatives of Arthur and Cate Dyson. Upcoming talk in March at Darnall Library about them.
  11. Interesting, he had at least five violins including a "small one which was easier to play with his little finger". Perhaps because he had a finger missing from his left hand. Two he made himself "appearance of being hand made" . His names is in two places. One he bought off Arthur Dyson. I am currently researching this victim.
  12. Bingley Farm has now been demolished. Disappointed I never got a look inside.
  13. Well done Susie Hope you dont mind Just phoned 101 and suggested to the PC that they take a look at this thread. Unfortunately unaware of previous reports. The last time the PC was aware and knew him as the 80p conman Your Calver St report has been given the Incident Number 993 Did you get a good description? Its about time he was stopped ---------- Post added 15-12-2014 at 20:43 ---------- Ring 101 quote incident number 993 and mention this thread
  14. Found this on Google- Excuse me Mrs, can you spare us eighty pee, My car’s broke down on me! It’s a bit embarrassing I know, But I’ve got to call a tow, Excuse me Mr, can you come with me? Officer, I was just asking for eighty pee, You’re under arrest, You’ve been causing distress, Making people feel uncomfortable, Preying on the weak and the vulnerable, And for the sake of eighty pee, Sir please follow me.
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