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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a photographer to do an outdoor shoot in the next few weeks. Wanting photos of my son and dogs playing in woodland with autumn colours, leaves on the ground ect. Can anyone recomend anyone in Sheffield? thank you
  2. Doh silly me! Youre right it is handsworth, I have no sense of direction it seems not just when driving! Sorry
  3. Its bluewaterswimming.co.uk lessons are at woodview hackenthorpe. its a hydro therapy pool attached to a residential home. hope this helps
  4. We attend Blue Water at Hackenthorpe, they run courses in a private hydrotherapy pool so it’s really warm and you can join at any age, although most do wait until after the first set of jabs. They teach underwater swimming and survival techniques as well as confidence in the water. It’s great we really enjoy it and I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to teach their baby from a young age to swim. There are other company’s that do it too, if you Google 'baby swimming in Sheffield' they should come up. Good luck with your new arrival
  5. Had a lovely couple of walks last few weekends, if anyone fancies joining us tomorrow we'll be going to either Woodhouse, Rother Valley or Eckington woods at about 12/1pm
  6. we re-homed our Pug from Armthorpe (long time ago though) poor little one, hope they find her before she is sold
  7. Sounds a fab day out, and for a great casue. Do you have a club in mind for the flyball demonstration?
  8. thoughts are with you fabcakes all the best
  9. back to the topic, fabcakes how are you getting on? have you managed to meet up with anyone and their dogs yet? or have any good expieriences with the type of dogs you mention? am curious how you're getting on
  10. I remember seeing something very similar on that channel five programme recently, cant remeber the name of it but one of the presenters was that lady from 'Gavin and Stacey' (I know my descriptions are horrific!) anyway the dog was the same and would really be aggressive towards its tail when chewing a treat or with a toy, you could do some internet searching and find that episode of the programme if you're good with the computer or these play back things like the iplayer!!!!??? Good luck at the vets, hope its nothing that can't be fixed
  11. I too firmly believe in pack theory, and see it in my own dogs daily. I agree with William that its your job to assit not to prevent it happening. Its only natural with age / illness the pack will change, although I must say I have no experiences with this breed and feel that they have more pack mentality then some of the other breeds, hopefully there will be a breed forum on the net you could get some advice from ?? p.s your foster is loovvvelly
  12. Hi fabcakes, I'm sorry I'm not aware of your disabilities so forgive me if this is not possible for you, but have you considered attending dog awareness / training courses? there's lots available for the 'human' including others more dog orientated such as the Good Citizen Dog Scheme / PAT dogs, and there are endless bull breeds taking part and gaining these qualifications (so to speak) just going to sit and watch may help you and I'm sure if you find the right trainer and explain your feelings they will be able to help! You're right in the fact that these feelings will be picked up by your GD and I don't believe it is fair for the GD to be subject to those feleings when their main job/role/concern to is protect and work for you, they will certainly pick up on this and it may hinder their working ability!? not that I'm GD trained or anything but just my thoughts all the best with this.
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