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  1. All of the brown windows you see are vinyl wrapped before been made
  2. I personally would look into the process. The products we use chemically bond to the upvc. We have samples your more than welcome to take a look at. We offer 10 years adhesion and 5 years fade guarantee.
  3. It all depends on the access too. It's difficult to give a price without seeing it. If it's something your wanting doing soon I'd ring around. All the good Decorators get booked up quickly. Personally I always use Pliolite masonry paint and either Sandtex or Johnstones Pliolite.
  4. Mac plas have great feedback for rendering and plastering Matt Burrell is a great electrician Sam Lovett is your bathroom man Jeff smith or Andy hall are your joiners. All of the above are usually booked up in advance but are well worth the wait
  5. Went up Friday night to show out support. We just finished a 4 week decorating job on there. It's a lovely little pub was packed to the rafters and as mentioned a great selection of beers
  6. A friend just had his done at Kimberworth took all his 36v Dewalt power tools
  7. All 1 coat paints are garbage. Better off undercoat and gloss.
  8. £60k is a good salary. It just depends on your lifestyle and where you wish to live.
  9. You seem to be telling as opposed to asking. I have been in about 5 times on a Saturday and it was always packed out. The music good and beer is relatively cheap for that end of town. Maybe people are dragged to the over priced and over rated bars that surround it.
  10. Try the gas safe engineer who initially fitted this.
  11. You'd have to gloss or sati it after anyway a as when it's cut to length and shape you would have bare timber edges.
  12. Hoping the little girl is ok we had a brief spell in the children's with a 10 week old and the staff was brilliant. Here's hoping to a speedy recovery.
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