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  1. Why does this have to become racist. The fact of the matter is it is the far eastern looking students that wander into the road. The only time I've nearly hit western looking students is freshers week when they've had a skin full.
  2. I have always biwired my speakers but I couldn't say if they sounded better or not because I've never heard them not biwired. I did though upgrade to more expensive speakers cables and there was a definate improvement in sound.
  3. My sky broadband is always pretty stable. Over wifi on both the phone and the mac I'm getting 11mb.
  4. Thanks. I use the presets for Apple tv 3. I'm not very technically minded when it comes to computers but what you say kind of makes sense! I had wondered why my hard drive was getting so full so quickly and this explains it. I'll will have a mess around with the bit rate settings to see if I can improve things. Otherwise it's going to have to be a new hard drive..
  5. I have a movie on my desktop which was a .mkv file and was 2gb. I've then converted it on handBrake to .m4v format so I can put it in iTunes to stream to apple tv and the file is now 4gb. Why is that?
  6. Acoustic at The Ryman by Band of Horses.
  7. Karis is out snorting cocaine and drinking champagne tonight so don't expect any sympathy from her/him.
  8. How does he 'lose' stuff so easily when he's only 3. You got some weird vortex or summat?
  9. I went today to get my hair cut. Only cost 50p to park and that was for an hour. I was only there 20 minutes. I paid 55p for a mars bar yesterday.
  10. Informative post. I just saw a go post with green flags and wondered why. Now I know.
  11. Maybe keeping out the local fruitcakes and scum bags is a good thing? I know my parents stopped going to castle markets in the 80's and now visit the new markets most weeks.
  12. It's hardly putting your neck on the line.. Other clubs have proven you don't always need a pot of gold to get to where we want to be though.
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