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  1. looking for a vet who trims bird nails, to scared to do it myself. anybody know which would be best?
  2. his dvd fetched 60 quid on ebay, autograph 30 quid, 10 quid for i wish i could fly vinyl. never quite understood why people want celebs stuff more when they die.
  3. gem http://youtu.be/Y4cuZEc4kuc ---------- Post added 28-04-2015 at 14:30 ---------- a new orville and cuddles song from december spot the wtf moment in the vid lol
  4. This is the worst day ever, i'm a huge keith fan. I put all his songs on youtube for everybody to enjoy, even had his ex wife comment them. total legend that never got the respect he deserved. r.i.p. ---------- Post added 28-04-2015 at 12:21 ---------- That's one lol, click the profile type in keith, and enjoy some of the other tunes and music vids. gah fk it, i'm going to add the orville and cuddles cartoon episodes later now.
  5. i already have a job with two positions in the company, and do voluntary work. but thanks for the help.
  6. yes, but that goes in the next section of the 6 page long form ughhh.
  7. hello people, i'm just filling out a application form for a job and i don't know what to put in the education section where it asks for qualifications gained, subjects, grade etc. as i left school at 15 with no qualifications, i obviously don't want to leave it blank. any help will be appreciated thankies
  8. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/supertram-songs-single/id607123479 buy it people
  9. I went as a early bird sunday it wasn't very cramped, had 3 walk a rounds with no wait. but getting out around 1 was very slow moving. met 5 people in under half an hour, quite a few of the guests had nobody in line even darth vader, so i would recommend the early bird to everybody and it's cheaper next year. watched a few talks, purchased some retro masters of the universe figures. picked up my commissioned Sylvester McCoy sketch and had it signed http://stupot.wen.ru/sket.jpg fave guest was rusty goffe (oompa loompa) I may do both days next year.
  10. Shaping up to be great, already purchased my ticket
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