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  1. I'd stick to PC's. Mac's hardware is good, but overpriced for what they are. They are pretty stylish, and OS X is a great operating system, but they charge a lot for what you get. If your after something stylish, quite a lot of the home orientated manufacturers like Asus, Acer, Packard Bell etc have some good reasonable priced machines that look pretty good, but as with everything, you pay a price for the extra style. Plus, if you start using it for your business, you'll probably end up with things like accounting packages, and windows only software that you need to be running, so its probably a safer bet. Even though you can run windows on a Mac, you still need to pay for a windows licence. Joel
  2. Has it got a PERC/CERC controller? Usually there is a loader after POST that allows you to setup the array, set it up, and then just boot from CD into $OS. Joel
  3. I'm guessing the 1228 Is a typo. http://www.crucial.com/uk have a memory identifier that will allow you to choose the right memory for your laptop. As for the HDD depending on the interface, you should just be able to buy a 2.5 inch drive from somewhere on-line to replace it. Joel
  4. As much as I'd love to sit in my car at night and play pop shots with Johnny Tea-leaf, I need to get a decent car alarm. I've plumped for a Toad AI606. Its costly, so I'd rather get it installed properly. Anyone know of a Toad dealer anywhere around the Sheffield area. Don't fancy paying someone from Bristol to come and do it. Joel
  5. JUst underlines the importance of account management, unused accounts should be remove, or at least have their shell set to /bin/nologin or /dev/null, or one of the other null shells. Its time consuming on a busy box, but it does have its merits. Joel
  6. Thats what they said about XP. I've got a couple of virtual PC's connected the a virtual DC, and a lot of the Group Policy settings from 2k3 AD don't apply properly to Vista. We have Vista Ultimate and Enterprise licenses, due to our software assurance agreement with Microsoft. But with 700 PC's in our domain, and another 900+ to go, we need to be rock solid sure before we deploy it. Office 2007 is schedules for March deployment, followed by Exchange 2007. Joel
  7. Its not surprising really. Computers are sold to novices who with all respect to them, don't have the first clue about computer security. Its not their fault really, its amazing the number of PC's that are sold with little or no protection on board. For the sake of 5 mins to install AVG or the likes on a new computer in the store, it could prevent a lot of these. Although, it does make you wonder how the figures are reached, and how much of it is scare tactics. Not that there is anythings wrong with that, scare tactics are good in this case. Joel
  8. On a corporate level, we wont roll out Vista until at least Q3 2007, there is too much in Vista that we cant lock down with AD, and we are not risking having the security holes that XP offered us. Joel
  9. Just because the files don't look to be altered, its quite possible that they hacker could have just cleared out any of his activity. I don't suppose you have an IP of the last login to that account do you? Sounds much like your server was probably turned into a node for a botnet. I've seen IRC channels on ERFnet filled with bots. Its quite remarkable the number of bots that people accumulate. One channel consisted of at LEAST 200 zombied machines connecting into a single channel, and the perpetrator issuing commands to them, and then them going off and performing DDOS and god know what other sorts of attacks. It sounds like you were the victim of a script kiddie rather than a full fledged hacker. So chances are, he's got no further than he did. Script kiddies generally use other peoples programs to launch attacks, hackers usually write their own. A very similar tool set was used on another box I've seen. Although that time, the password was brute forced, and there wasn't that much of the box left that was recoverable after the intruder found an exploit in BIND which someone was running as root (tut) which gave them root access, and suffice to say the run of the box. Joel
  10. xinetd is a replacement for inetd, which is a "super server" that a lot of UNIX servers used to, and still do use. It basically listens on all available ports, and passes incoming connection to the relevant program, I.E passes HTTP requests to Apache. Many people don't use this method any more and set-up the server programs to directly listen on the ports. This method reduces high overheads on busy servers. Its usually distribution specific as to what method its set-up to use, although most can do both. Joel
  11. First job, take the thing offline, stop all services its possible to stop without loosing ssh access. Then use a rootkit detector like chkrootkit and check for local exploits. Give me a shout on MSN later if you need help still. Joel
  12. I used to have a lot more: http://www.linuxmod.co.uk/misc/images/picKLE-cache/Room/dscn1066_640.jpg Had that little lot running as a cluster for a while, but sold most of them off after I finished what I was doing. Computers are generally expensive as a hobby, from all angles. I know people who have a lot more kit in their houses. I moved a lot of my stuff into Telehouse and Redbus on more powerful kit, so I needed less at home. Plus I don't take on as much extra work as I used to, I just don't have the time with my new job. Joel
  13. One big file server, dual opteron processor with 8 disks, real power hungry. Two Sun Ultra 80's and an an Alpha 433au. The firewall is pretty low power, A Soekris embedded routerboard, if that makes up for anything . My house mate has two servers also. I cant really turn mine off overnight as they run some critical jobs, plus one does all the fileserving for home directories for my desktop machines. I'm eventually looking to get rid of the Sun's, once I've ported the apps to FreeBSD from solaris. Also one of my desktop PC's is going this month, now I have my d420 laptop , I no longer need it so its being retired, the only justification I had for it was it was the only machine I run for Windows, but thats on my work laptop. I'm trying to get the setup down to 2 servers, one desktop and a laptop. My housemate is doing the same. Joel
  14. They are probably the same, Electro probably import them themselves to save costs, but give them a ring and ask. I've used Electro for years and they have always been helpful and reliable. Joel
  15. There should be a warning akin to the "May contain nuts" warning on a bag of peanuts. "Warning, excessive dosage may result in drowning" Joel
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