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  1. I know the owner really well and actually helped with some of the shopfitting. The bar being where it is annoys the owner as much as anyone else, but we built it that way out of necessity. It can't be any further back towards the rear wall because of where the cellar head is. We already had to make modifications to the original cellar door (which is in the middle of the floor), and where it opens now would be a health hazard if it weren't for the bar protecting it - the bar essentially wraps around the cellar opening, stopping people from falling in. It's quite funny when you are in there and a member of staff comes out of the cellar because it's as if they are magically appearing from seemingly nowhere. Stuff on the walls and soft furnishings will be coming, as well as more shelves for beer around the walls, and the whole of the back bar. The owner just wanted to get open, so all that polishing will come with time... ---------- Post added 14-10-2018 at 21:12 ---------- There is a range of wine, at different price points - two reds, two whites, a rose and prosecco.
  2. Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations for a male or female instructor in the S10 or S11 area? Manual gears. Recent success / good reviews etc obviously Thanks
  3. My tip with people giving the sell is to answer all questions with blunt/one word answers: - How are you to tonight? - Busy - I'll won't take any more time than I have to - You've got 30 seconds etc And all this cold selling, or door-to-door selling, is kind of based on techniques that "psychics" use. The more information they give you the better they can make their spiel sound. Give them as little as possible and they flap. Once they flap, they are yours rather than the other way round. You don't have to rude to make people uncomfortable - just get them out of their comfort zone... Just my technique. Works for me.
  4. When saying "I went for a Burton" or "I nearly went for Burton" to mean "I nearly fell over" - where does this come from??
  5. Imposter! His family probably still need to pay off all his debts!
  6. Totally taken out of context! Press love to report the bits that make headlines!!
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