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  1. I had this done to my old dog about 9 years ago to see if the aggression he had started to present at 18 months was a learnt behaviour or a result of testosterone. The drug used was Tardak and it is designed to "mute hypersexual behaviour in male dogs, including sexually-related aggression, and which lasts for up to one month". This was enough to see a visible improvement in my dogs behaviour so I had him neutered(which doesn't take the testosterone levels down to nil immediately I had to wait a further 4-6 months). Cost wise I seem to remember it was about 40-50 for an injection. It was called chemical castration but wasn't really as it wasn't permanent but it confirmed for me that my dog would be better off neutered as he was very stressed by all the testosterone coursing through his body.
  2. If they are the ones I saw on Herries Road at 9 this morning one is a German Shepherd (looks very young) and the other is a mongrel brindle colour definitely some bully breed in it again looks young. I tried to catch them but they ran up the footpath and into the woods.
  3. There is a crossing there but it is timed so it only operates for that section of the road when the cars are coming out of Leppings Lane and either turning right into Penistone road or going straight across out of Leppings Lane into Herries Road.
  4. I live in the area and would love to know what effect the increased traffic congestion has had on air quality in the area. We never used to see standing traffic for very long on any of the roads leading to this junction and now its seems to be a permanent feature!!!
  5. "Incorrect. It's a criminal offence. s.67, para 2 of Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/...orders/enacted" The only bylaw I am aware of regarding this in Sheffield at present is allowing your dog to foul in designated areas and not failing to carry a bag so again how would a fine for not carrying a bag stand up? I clear up after my dogs but at the end of a walk I can have none or only 1 bag left on me as I have more than one dog then where would I stand? I know my dogs are empty (so to speak) and their mess is in the bins or I am still carrying it till I get to a bin but would a warden accept this? If they do do this can the wardens that monitor this also issue on the spot fines (put their pictures on a website etc) to all those who litter, or allow their children to drop litter, in public spaces, and by litter I include dropping food and fag ends both of which have caused injury/illness to my dogs.
  6. No they haven't and to be honest I don't think they will as the man in the pub said someone had been in trying to sell a dog earlier in the day! He was so sweet (a little bit humpy but he was only young and still entire) he sat, gave his paw, didn't pull on the lead, was great with people and even good with other dogs. If it wasn't for Max he would still be at mine waiting to see if his owners came forward and if they didn't I'd have kept him. Sadly Max is what he is and there would have been a fight :-(
  7. Just looked at photos didn't realise you could see my dog Max (he's a DDB) I am not great with technology!! Its the small brindle dog in the first two pictures he does have the curly tail of a sharpie so looks like he is crossed but his face and body are pure staff. I thought he was a real sweetie but Max didn't agree!!
  8. Found last night by White Horse pub knocked on doors and went in the pub but no one knew who he belonged to. He is an entire male looks completely staffer except has a curly tale I am going to have to take him to the pound as my dog doesn't like him and is getting stressed. ---------- Post added 21-01-2015 at 11:41 ---------- He is in the pound here is a picture of the cheeky chap. https://www.facebook.com/emma.mcnally.33/photos_synced?view_image=10153107986742216
  9. Just a word of warning raw bones destroyed my dogs teeth (broke all his front teeth and wore about a third of his canines after just a few bones!) then the raw meat upset his stomach and he didn't seem to like raw meat (would not entertain raw fruit or vegetables) this all meant after struggling to keep weight on him for two years raw feedings I had to go back to kibble. I wish I could raw feed but I have had to accept that raw feeding isn't for all dogs, some (like Max) may not have the teeth, stomachs or taste buds for raw diets. This could be down to breeding or poor food when young. I know that Max's previous owners fed him Bakers and deliberately under fed to stop him getting to big which will have affected his teeth, bones and stomach! So now I feed kibble (but not cheap kibble) and mix with home cooked fresh human grade meat and veg! Max was Orijen but I have now got another dog and it is just too expensive (both large dogs) but found a british alternative Millies Wolfheart that is about a third cheaper (though still not cheap at £50 for 14.5kg). In my house the dogs definately eat better than me but hopefully it will save on vets bills!!
  10. Hi I am also a volunteer with this charity and live in S6. I do not have any dogs to walk at present. Please do not contact me direct if you need my help looking after your pet you need to go to the charity direct and they will put you in touch with a volunteer who they feel is most suited to help you: 01736 757 900 hhtp://www.cinnamon.rog.uk/
  11. Hi I am also a volunteer with this charity and live in S6. I do not have any dogs to walk at present. Please do not contact me direct if you need my help looking after your pet you need to go to the charity direct and they will put you in touch with a volunteer who they feel is most suited to help you: 01736 757 900 hhtp://www.cinnamon.rog.uk/
  12. Missing from the Hackenthorpe (Main Street) area of Sheffield since Thursday 7 November - small female tortoiseshell & white cat, wearing a red collar and name barrel, answers to the name of Rikku (reeku). Not my cat but if anyone has seen a cat answering this description or knows someone who has taken one in please PM me and I will let the lady who's cat this is know.
  13. DaisyBoo dependant where you live in Hillsborough that could well be the police kennels at Niagara. I hear them at that time and I live off Leppings Lane
  14. Hi I walk in Hillsborough Park (I own Max the small Dogue De Bordeaux) and often walk with friends in other areas like the Rivelin (with chips/cake at the cafe), Loxely Common or Dam Flask. You are welcome to meet up and join us if you want.
  15. I saw him last night tried to catch him using roast beef and he still wasn't having any of it and didn't help that Max started to get angry that I was giving his treats away!!!!
  16. Hi this dog has now been found safe and sound family all very happy:banana:
  17. *Found* There is already a thread for this on the pets section but just to make more people aware a family lost there much loved Lhaso Apso last night due to a gate being left open by a visitor. They are frantic and if anyone can help or has seen a black Lhasa Apso with white feet roaming in the Ecklington Area please call on 07811147147. Fulle details on link: http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog_blog.php?dogId=39389
  18. Here's a link to dog lost poster (as you will see he is a very distinctive little boy plus really cute:love:) The owners are now offering £100 reward for the safe return of this much loved dog. Fingers crossed he will be home soon. http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog_blog.php?dogId=39389
  19. This dog is still missing and the family is really worried as it is very timid. His name is Bailey and if you see him please call the number above. Just bumping this up so people know he is still missing and keep an eye out. Thank you.
  20. I am happy to meet up but only available at weekends but not saturday mornings as that's when I get to laugh at Max trying to be an agility dog (he is a Dogue De Bordeaux so about as agile as a truck!!)
  21. We used to organise group dog walks through the forum but they just died out. We've met up all over Sheffield and the walks were good fun (both owners and dogs behaved!!). I would be up for starting again, especially if we went out to the peaks. Max loves puppies (the more bouncy and boisterous the better) and knows he can't catch a lurcher so won't try!!!
  22. Sounds great to me to (as long as we don't have to do jumping jacks or anything like that as my dog will think I have gone mad and bite my bum to bring me back to my senses!!)
  23. I love mine but he has been hard work. I got him at 10 months old when his original owners decided they couldn't cope as he was destructive (he had never been for a walk!!!). Its been a long hard road and along the way he has prolapsed two of the discs in my back pulling (and he is really small for the breed only about 5 stone) but he is finally getting there (at 5 years 6 months old).
  24. I will notify them but the ran off up Blast Lane which is a really quiet lane, though I don't know what road it comes back out on. I didn't want to chase after them as they looked to be getting stressed by me even approaching them slowly. They looked well cared for someone must be missing them but nothing on Dogs Lost are there any other sites I can try???
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