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  1. Please, can i still fit in todays session? Thank you, Darina
  2. I'm a bit late, but still, could you please please write me down. Thank you a lot. Darina
  3. Ok, i think its a good idea. You can count on me. Darina
  4. Please sign me up for this term, thanks Darina
  5. Please could you write me down for the 3rd - 2 people this time Me + Michal if it is possible. Thanks Darina
  6. I'm very sorry, but i can't make todays bedminton (27th) because i'm ill. Hopelly see you next week. Darina
  7. Please add me to that 27th, thank you, Darina
  8. Hi, please could you sign me on the 13th as well, thanx Darina
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