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  1. In reality they're ego killings/punishments carried out by a vile section of society. How can any civilised culture accept the murder of ones own offspring in the hope you will save face?
  2. Well nobody actualy claims responsibility for them with due to the way they go on. Be honest wpuld you?
  3. What is most life threatening a fatwah, a mediumwah or a thinwah? Or does a Wah Wah pedal get rid of noisy neighbours? That the gallant Israelis (GCP) stole their land. Let's hope so, then the Arabs can get back to their 13th century ways/culture. And their Fellow Arabs who deny the Holocaust. What about it? Oh dear look who's popped up again.
  4. And the same section of society reaps the rewards from war as those who took us into the financial state we're in now with their 49% pay rises this year.
  5. You're spot on 100%. Amazing though isn't it that society is always to blame, who is society, am I outside society and not part of it because my own 4 kids grew up without stealing and rioting, went on to University, got degrees are are settled in good jobs?
  6. Where was the imaginery palestinian state, where are the borders, was it internationaly recognised? So which part of the video is untrue?
  7. I think you need a second job and give ua all a permanent break.
  8. One of my closest friends attempted suicide twice, In August 2008 on the second occasion I was the one who found him. he told my Wife that he would do it right the next time. He was eventualy discharged from Chesterfield Royal (or whatever) without any of the support or counselling that had been promised. Four months later on Christmas day he hung himself, my Wife and I were there when the police broke in and found that he'd hung himself, two days later we found that we were executors and trustees of his estate. My friend left an eleven year old son, he was divorced from his wife. Soon it will be 3 years and we're still sorting out the mess left behind. What I am still disgusted about is the attitude of the sister in August on the ward my friend was in. When told that the may be released the following day I asked about the backup and support promised, the sister said as far as they were concerned if the blood tests came back clear that evening from St James Hospital in Leeds that he would be discharged the following morning. She said as far as they were concerned once he was physicaly fit "he would be out of the front door next morning", to which I replied and "with the media waiting as well". He was kept in hospital for a while longer but did not receive any backup or support other than counselling that he had to pay for. Few people who are not in the medical/police profesion will have experienced what me and my have gone through then and since.
  9. At least this guy isn't afraid to say iy as it is:- They should be sent back to where they belong (wherever that is).
  10. My Bold = We need our young people in employment not sat on their backsides, making the elderly work more years is holding onto jobs longer that younger people should be taking over.
  11. Seems that the Arabs can do no wrong, you'll be supporting the Holocaust next or like the muslims in Iran denying that it ever happened
  12. The rioter to recieve the longest sentence so far is a 35yr old which puts him in the centre of my kids age group
  13. Just give them the ecouragement that they need and you'll have the pride of hanging graduation photos on you living room wall.
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