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  1. Used to play in that yard with a kid around my age, cant remember his name but he shot me in the knee with his air pistol once There was a lad who lived in the end house in the yard called BILLY SALES and then there was myself MICHAEL WARD & my brother TREVOR WARD , I think that we were the only boys living in that yard at that time ! We left that area in 1955 I think it was ! What is your name ????
  2. Hi Haydn72, did you send me the photo of George (Georgie) or to someone else ? I think I would be able to recognise him !
  3. Hi Rivelin6, the only sister that I knew of was SYLVIA and the surname was spelt ROGERS I believe ! Do not think he had any other brothers or sisters at all !
  4. Hi Hugh, this seems to be the George Rogers I have been looking for , I know that the name Burkinshaw was connected to the family but having said that only being a young age then had no idea as to what the connection was ! I would have loved to find where he was now living if indeed he is still alive !
  5. USUK;7315540]Whereabouts was #282 ? Was it close to the Terminus ? Sorry for being so late with my reply ! Yes it was near the tram terminus at the back of the Lollypop Shop ! Our cellar grate was underneath the shop window ! In the same yard there was a family called GOODISON and another called BLANCHARD !
  6. Hi Dave , as you are 6 years younger than me I have to admit I do not remember you as I left Bole Hill Road school shortly after you started there I think I was about 12 (1954) when we moved away to Pitsmoor ! However I remember the Godbehere's in fact I think I can remember my mom saying that they were very distant relatives but exactly what relation I have NO IDEA as my Mom's maiden name was HALSTEAD she and all of her brothers and sisters were born in 101 Industry Street.Walkley as I was back in 1942 ! But it is nice to hear from some one that has been to the same school and met some of the same school staff members I knew , I always have fond memories of the headmaster Mr Corkhill he was such a nice guy !!!
  7. Hi catzmeller, Do I know you ? or should I say do you know me ? Were you at Bole Hill Rd County School at the same time as me ? The previous post I put on was a while ago as I am now 71 years old !
  8. Hi, I used to play with both of her children (Raymond & Susan) back in those days but only knew there surname as Beard , however the police sergeant I believe was at Woodseats police station and had family or friends in the Newcastle area as that is where he tried to dump her body in the sea ! ---------- Post added 01-10-2013 at 18:05 ---------- Hi, sorry only just seen your reply , yes it was at the back of THE LOLLYPOP SHOP ! near the tram terminus, The entrance to the yard was at the top of GREENHOUSE ST. there were 3 houses in that yard ours Ward next door was Goodison and then Blanchard !
  9. Please does anyone know the where about's of Malcolm Sayles son of Cyril Sales who ran the club @ Hyde Park Dog Track. I used to work with him for a very short while and at times we used to go out drinking, not seen or heard from him in years, I last saw him at Normington Springs, near Woodhouse !
  10. The Murder house you mention was where the BEARDS lived Mrs Beard was a widow who later married a police officer stationed at Woodseats , Mrs Beard had 2 children who myself and my sister were friends with I believe they were called Raymond and Susan Beard , the police officer murdered his wife wrapped her up in a carpet and took her up to somewhere near Newcastle and was stopped by police on his way there for speeding but was let off because of who he was and he carried on and disposed of the body in the sea , I believe it was later found and that was how the police officer was caught ! We used to live at 282 Heavygate rd at the back of the LOLLYPOP Shop as it was called then ! We left there about 1954 when I was 12 years old and moved to Pitsmoor ! My sister and I went to Bole Hill Road school !
  11. Hi I (Michael Ward) and my younger sister went to BOLE HILL ROAD SCHOOL myself 1947- 1954 and my sister Pamela Ward 1950-1954 , we found it to be a very nice old school with a lot of the old school values, sadly we moved away in 1954 to Pitsmoor as the house we were living in 282 Heavygate Road, Crookes was uninhabitable due to a very large hole in the roof and the rafters were rotten ! What a shock to the system that was going to a new school at Burngreave it was more like a prison not what I had been used too I might add !!!
  12. Hi loyalmediato, I had a nickname in those days I think it was a guy called Terry Leaper who christened me with it (SPIDER). Yes I remember all those teachers names now you mention them, I also had a younger sister who went to Bole Hill Road School called Pamela Ward but she would have been 66 now had she not died last year ! all the best Mick
  13. Sorry to be so late in replying to your question , yes 282 Heavygate Road was near the old Crookes tram terminus , The Lollypop Shop was above our cellar, there were two more houses in our yard going towards the top of Greenhow Street . regards 1942mick
  14. Hi , my wife was head cashier then and she reckons it was 1968 and owned by MECCA, the manager was Maurice Green and the assistant manager was Rod Johnson, the band was then Dave Allen's !
  15. No I am Mick Ward who had Ivanhoe, I spy, Harvest gold and many more over the years !
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