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  1. The Blind Side - 8/10 Very enjoyable and touching, despite being a bit formulaic, sweetened for Hollywood. My husband and I laughed and cried a lot. It's nice to have films like this that the whole family can watch together and talk about.
  2. I appreciate you taking the time to explain, as I was being genuine about my interest in understanding - language fascinates me. It may be due to the region I'm from (Pacific Northwest), but I've actually not heard "Team X" used in the ways you describe, except perhaps in media outlets or commercial products. Honestly, I would describe things like these as "internetisms" or simply "buzzwords" because from my POV, they are media and internet-generated, in an attempt to make terms more palatable for a larger audience, in order to "sell" them and maximise profit - or attention, which typically leads to profit. Alternatively (or additionally...) one could argue that the growing use of such terms stems from - and perpetuates - simplification of communications in a world where information that was once only available at intervals is now available in a constant stream. For example, where we used to sit down and read an autobiography of someone we were interested in, we now follow them on Twitter. I'm intrigued, but concerned, by this trend's effect on language (it hasn't affected only English.) That said, I'm in complete agreement with regards to reviewers feeling it necessary to throw in "I'm Team so-and-so." But then, I also think Twilight is a steaming pile of sexist, Mormon propagandist crap, that is actually damaging to young women, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. -- Addendum: Although I touched on it above, I just wanted to add that Americans are also feeling the bite of this "dumbing down" of language, so it's not necessarily just American English versus Everyone Else. I think it's bigger than simply the Americanisation of English.
  3. I quite like the theme for "How I Met Your Mother" - short and sweet, while still memorable. I'd love to see more like this. Also love the intro for "The Big Bang Theory". It's one of the few my husband and I don't fast forward through, and often sing along to.
  4. I suppose you can imagine the response my husband gets when he quotes that line.
  5. You'll have to explain, because I don't understand what makes "Team (X)" an Americanism. I thought the whole "Team Jacob"/"Team Edward" thing simply originated from the adversarial relation between the two characters. It's not like Americans go around saying "I like pie - go Team Pie!" ... ;-)
  6. I do it because A) I'm American, and B) it makes my husband chuckle. He responds with a quote from Raj on "Big Bang Theory": "With your American accent, everything you say sounds stupid!"
  7. I honestly didn't realise only America had "teams"...
  8. I've lived 10,000 miles from my boys for going on two years now. I still haven't learned to "cope" - I still cry most every night (and day) from missing them. I've had bouts of serious depression where it was hard to get out of bed. But I remind myself that giving up isn't going to make things better, and the situation could be so much worse... I imagine all the parents who've lost their children entirely. My kids are far away, and I can't see them every day, but at least they are there, in reach. You just make every moment with them count. Even those 5-minute phone calls with nothing of note to say matter. Photos, letters, anything you can do to stay connected makes a difference. It definitely helps if the other parent appreciates the importance - for the child - of both parents' involvement.
  9. I hope you're not suggesting starvation as a means to lose weight. That man may never recover from the damage starvation has done to his body. I spent most of my youth listening to comments much like yours from my father, directed at my mother. The result was my mother losing all self-esteem, all hope, and giving up on herself. She died of a stroke 6 years ago. Obese people KNOW eating less and moving more will help them lose weight. Smokers KNOW smoking can cause cancer. Gamblers KNOW they may lose. Constant shouting at them about how stupid they are will never get to the WHY of it, and very little will change until you get there.
  10. Sorry, I felt the need to clarify this a bit. What you're describing is actually Body Dysmorphic Disorder. And while anorexia is very often attributed to BDD, the two are not mutually inclusive. It's an important distinction, because BDD leads to bulimia and obesity as often as anorexia. There are a great many overweight people out there who are suffering with bulimia, but don't make the connection, because of the misconception that bulimics are only skinny people.
  11. Tourniquet - One of the best technical thrash metal acts out there, and unapologetically Christian. Theocracy - Another technical thrash band. Jacob's Dream ... and more technical thrash. Trouble - 80's doom band that were marketed as "white metal" back in the day. And if you're into more melodic rock, you might try Guardian.
  12. Two German power metal bands spring to mind: "Chinchilla" and "Custard." Neither really scream \m/ METUUHHLLLL \m/ do they? (Chinchilla I quite like, Custard I can live without.)
  13. I wouldn't take it too personally when a 16 year-old doesn't reply to texts/calls or initiate conversation/contact. I think most parents can assure you that's just par for the course, when it comes to teenagers. Sometimes you'll feel like you're talking to yourself, but even the short, seemingly meaningless moments of contact matter in the end, so you just have to bear it out and know it's a phase. Have you made contact with her adoptive mother? If you could get a line of communication open there, so you and her mom are on the same "team" so to speak, that might help avoid or alleviate some tensions.
  14. Yeah... The extra chlorine really adds a nice zing. (You were being sarcastic, right?) Mind you, I've had much, MUCH worse. The water in most of Southern California smells like a public swimming pool. Both the city water and well water in Tuscon, Arizona: yikes. So much sulfur.
  15. I think what is being asked is who you expect to take responsibility for the mess of foxes, hedgehogs, birds, and other wildlife. Do you then propose the removal of any and all wildlife from city limits?
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