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  1. can anyone tell me if mick & Sandra are still running the greyhound.
  2. yes that's it !! ONIONS & MUSHROOMS got to be fried though.
  3. delta force.......chuck Norris.
  4. no sauce for me just plenty of fried onions.
  5. que sera sera............doris day
  6. kill vicar hill ( ecclesfield )
  7. Love ( this is my song ) petula clark.
  8. Hi spingoboy, my family lived next door to joan & david for over 45 years. they were good friends and neighbours. I also worked with graham Hartley back in 1974, and as you said greta still lives on sycamore with mark. My mums family, the guests lived on park crescent.
  9. Just a few words of thanks to everyone in around Sheffield who gave help and support to myself, my sister and brother following the loss of our parents in 2012 Our parents were peter & Cynthia ward of sycamore road ecclesfield . my father passed away after a short illness in may last year and my mother died at home peacefully in September. I would like to thank friends, neighbours and relatives for all there help before, during and after both funerals. And thanks also to John heaths funeral directors and the staff at grenoside crematorium. My parents ashes were scattered together at flamborough Head in October last year, which is where they spent there honeymoon in 1957. For any other details please feel free to PM me. Thanks. IAN WARD.
  10. I have a citroen saxo 4 door and cannot open the rear doors from the outside or inside. the central locking seems to be working fine, well, you can here the solenoids clunking inside the doors when you press the button on the remote. any ideas anybody ?
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