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  1. 1 Create a folder on your hard drive that will serve as the DOSBox program's C drive. For this tutorial, we'll use the folder name "games" on the PC's C drive. This is where you will store games to be accessed by your DOSBox program. Step2 Put any games that you have downloaded into this new folder. Create separate folders for each of your games. For this tutorial, we'll say there is a folder called "chess" that contains a DOS-based chess game. Step3 Run your DOSBox program. Two windows will appear; minimize--but don't close--the DOSBox Status Window. When you see the Z:\ prompt in the main DOSBox window, type "mount c c:\games." With this command, you are telling the DOSBox program where your emulated C drive will be located. Step4 Type "c:" and press enter when you see the Z:\ prompt. Then type "cd chess." You should now see a prompt that says "c:\chess." Step5 Enter the name of the executable file that is required to run your game. You can find out which file this is by reading a "readme" file that comes with your game. Type in the name of that file, minus the .exe file extension, and
  2. yea there scum bags alright i think they must have just been after something in the car as the car itself aint worth nicking but then again if it aint nailed down on p cross there nick it
  3. keep a eye on your cars theifs are out and about broke into a car on deerlands ave early yesterday morning 2'oclock ish bent the top of the door over to gain access
  4. morrinsons have some new 1's 1 gig of ram dvd writer 15 inch widesceen new for 250
  5. not getting any picture are sound is graphics card broke? powers up fine no rings of death ect...
  6. cant remmeber what years i was there i worked in the warehose long haired lout called ray i remember derek kemp len and one armed john who worked in the printing depo
  7. can any1 on ere unlock a e220 mobile modem currently on t mobile wanting to use it on 3 network any1
  8. dont wana pay 50 quid for 1 as will only be using it few months also i sold a brand new 3 dongle the newer type usb interface for 20 quid last month so not wanting to pay daft price for old style dongle would swap for t mobile dongle
  9. im wanting a 3 dongle i have a t mobile 1 to swap
  10. verydull are u wanting to sell yours mate ive pmed u
  11. does anybody want to sell a 3 dongle seems lots peeps dont like them but ive been trying to get 1 of ere for ages and no1 wants to sell 1
  12. go to crucial.com on your vaio and run the scan will tell you what ram u need and how much u can go up to
  13. skype mobile wanted asap can buy a new 1 for 39.99 so no silly prices thanks lee
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