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  1. Indeed that would be harsh. But let us attribute to New Labour the policies of New Labour - which was the charging of tuition fees for University while all of us older people had a fantastic free education. So called New Labour deemed this a decent market driven policy. Now we know, it will cost the tax payers as much, if not more than the old system, as so many graduates will never pay back their loans. However, it puts youngsters in debt for a life time and affects their ability to qualify for a mortgage or any other loan. This policy is a total mess. The only honourable route out of this situation is for the State to absorb all debts caused by this policy. I can see no fair alternative.
  2. Unabashed Corbyn supporter here. I would like to share a quote from Steve Hilton, former director of strategy for David Cameron: "The establishment scratches its head: “How could …?” Well, let’s just check what the “serious” people have done for us lately: economic disaster with rewards for those who caused it and barely a gain for anyone else; foreign policy disaster with cack-handed interventions bringing instability and chaos; social disaster with poverty festering, family life foundering and inequality growing. If that’s what being “serious” gets you, no wonder people prefer the joker".
  3. I voted for Corbyn because I think he is a decent person that will advocate for a fairer way of life in Britain. Although I might be considered one of the winners in Tory Britain, I would dearly like to see a great deal more equality. Petty people and the right wing press (non doms everyone) will try to discredit him in the months to come - but he has a very warm and loyal following.
  4. People; families, with children are lying down in the streets, hungry and cold and afraid - are we going to turn away from them. Would you like this to be your legacy? What kind of people are we if we turn our backs on the needy. We will live with this forever if we do the wrong thing now - it will be your legacy - the cold and the hungry and the needy died on our watch.
  5. Hey, I don't have Facebook, but will look for initiatives on here. Again, your dedication is much appreciated.
  6. I am hoping Jeremy Corbyn will win the Labour leadership and have voted for him - I am not a Trot or a loony leftie, just a life-long labour supporter from a working class family. The 'entryists' in my opinion were Blair and his Oxbridge educated bunch of careerist M.P.s. We can either austerity our country into the ground or support growth. As a parent I know which side I am on.
  7. Hey Swami and friends. Your dedication in saving the trees is much appreciated and if any support is needed, please post on here.
  8. Corbyn is the only politician that I have heard for many years that actually talks like a human being. It is easy to understand what he is saying, easy to comprehend his policies and therefore will be easy to hold him to these policies. When politicians give you promises like "Forward, not back" or "All in this together" they cannot be held to account because they have not said anything - just strung a few words together. Cameron has broken promise after promise since May - on Child Credit, Child Benefit, Rail Electrification, Affordable Housing, Heathrow, Tax Free Childcare, Social Care Cap and Government Transparency, not to mention the U-turn on Green Energy - What does he think words are for? They are just lies in his mouth. Corbyn is clearly an honest man with a vision for Britain that shows up the Tory Austerity drive for what it is - right wing ideology.
  9. Jeremy Corbyn articulates that which survives as common decency in this country. He is the only politician motivated to defend Britain from the depredations of rapacious global capitalism. With regard to renationalisation of the railways; Corbyn plans to take back ownership of our railways from the French and German Governments. The shower of spite that is the Tory party are happy about state ownership of British assets, as long as it's somebody else's state that owns them. In the case of the railways we end up with profits from our railways being invested in trains and tracks overseas in France and Germany, while in Britain we travel on outdated rolling stock that would make the French and Germans laugh.
  10. Indeed, asthma is not a trivial condition and kills three people every day in the UK.
  11. Corbyn is the only politician who has a hope of revitalising Labour in Scotland. It also looks as though he is the only one who can bring out the young vote.
  12. The SNP did very well in the last election with an anti-austerity platform. I see no reason why Labour cannot do the same.
  13. Corbyn is the only politician with a real plan for the future. His ideas are backed by 41 respected economists who regard his economic policy as 'mainstream' as does the IMF. The one with the dumbest of dumb economics is Gideon Osborne who thinks you can build growth by cutting society to the bone. Corbyn is the only politician to offer hope of a decent future to the younger generation.
  14. I saw Jeremy Corbyn in Tudor Square yesterday. He was very impressive and such a clear speaker - what a change from all those New Labour and Tory dishonest soundbites. I am a lifelong Labour supporter and have voted for him in the leadership contest. In answer to those who say only the poor will vote for Corbyn - I have run a successful business in Sheffield for more than 20 years and live in the affluent suburbs. I support Corbyn because he is the only politician who will stand up for the younger generation. They too deserve an education, housing, hope, the possibility of having families of their own. What use is a Labour Party that can only copy Tory policy? Corbyn will be able to stand up to Cameron's Bullingdon bluster precisely because he is patently an honest man. New Labour accuse Corbyn of wanting to take us back to the 1970s. I much prefer that to the Bullingdon boys taking us back to the 1930s or as Jeremy said yesterday, even the 1830s.
  15. For several years recently there have been outdoor parties near Ringinglow - I think in Lady Cannings Plantation. They really were not noisy - a bit of bass, but the first most locals knew about it would be when all the exhausted and dishevelled youngsters started making their way home - an unlikely looking bunch trudging along Ringinglow Road or calling out a fleet of taxis. It was nice to see them on their way home from the party. Clearly it is possible to keep the party goers happy without keeping half the city awake.
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