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  1. The closure was sudden and shameful, Phil Robbins knew all of his staff well and relied on them to provide quality instruction at the Edge, in addition to this they were a more friendly helpful bunch than you could ask for. I don't know how Phil Robbins can show his face, he has not paid any of his staff their wages due...he was already months behind with payments to staff, relying perhaps on his relationships with staff to get away with it. He has made no effort to provide payment and is now sunning himself on holiday. It's disgraceful he has left people without work, or money I'd be surprised if anyone would want to associate themselves with this guy.
  2. Hi I have had bad haircut after bad haircut, can any one recommend a well trained up to date, enthusiastic hairdresser who listens to want you want and gives sound advice??? Many thanks
  3. Hi, feedback from members has been really positive. In January we will be running a 'working group' which is a closed group that will run weekly for 8 weeks for people who are ready to committ to adressing their issues, this means through education, cbt and homework each week. PLease contact us on the above numbers or email for more info.
  4. No Panic Sheffield recovery groups are to support the recovery of people suffering from anxiety disorders including Panic Attacks, Phobia’s, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, and other related anxiety disorders and to provide support to sufferers and their families and or carers. The self help groups run on a regular basis and group members will have the confidence of knowing that any approaches in self help anxiety management techniques that are discussed are evidence based and that the volunteers are trained and supported. Currently groups are run on Wed eve 6.30pm-8.30pm in the city centre Thurs am 10.00am-12.00pm in the city centre Thurs pm 13.30pm-15.30pm in Heeley For information about the group or if you feel you would like to attend please contact us by telephone on 07505712381 or 07505712164 or email us at nopanicsheffield@gmail.com
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