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  1. does anyone know a shop in Sheffield that sharpens electric razors?
  2. I remember the chimneys and how warm they were they were opposite the cemetary and the park.
  3. Hi SAS it was a lady called Dinah who was looking for relatives, it was a long time ago 2007 and apart from me no one else wrote to her. I used to be into family history seriously but have not had time in the last few years so cannot help you. The 1881 census is free but your best bet is going onto the Sheffield Family History web site. They are putting more and more on each month. Good luck with your search and I hope Dinah replies to you.
  4. thank you for letting me know of the shops in 1942, I could not remember them all. My mother was registered during the war with Rodgers the butchers and I can remember queueing in the Meadow Dairy so must have been registered with them. I know we also went to shop at Gillotts, they had a daughter about my age Anita, the youngest of their daughters. We used to go to Pillings and he made his own medicines, I can recall something I think called Black Magic and it definately tasted like a medicine that should do you good if smell was anything to go by. I cannot recall the name of Chappells I can only recall Queenies that we went to on a Saturday whilst my children were small. After sweet rationing was finished my mother took me to what was the post office and I was baffled with the sweets on offer, I chose toffee why I do not know it is something that is not my favourite. It was probably the largest for the money. Thanks again for helping my memory, I have been reading a book about Attercliffe and the woman who wrote it named so many places she either has a wonderful memory or she had a lot of help and it set me off trying to get my brain in gear.
  5. Where Shillitos is now it used to be Gillotts, a family run business, that eventually had a hairdressers above it. Cannot remember if it was there during the war but it was afterwards and we were able to buy ice cream from there, the only alternative before that was to walk into Ecclesfield and buy from Hulley's factory. I think the owner of Gillotts was Sam and he had a daughter called Anita who was his youngest daughter. ---------- Post added 04-02-2013 at 18:17 ---------- Do you know if these were the ones during the war, it is annoying me I cannot remember who they were, I must have know because I would have had to queue there for what seemed like a long time in my young years. I can only remember one butchers but there were a few grocers, gave my grandaughter my last ration book and the name are fading so hard to read. ---------- Post added 04-02-2013 at 18:32 ---------- Had a look at the shops and the Co Op at 121 could have been a drapery shop next to the butchers and then a grocery shop that I know during the war my mother was registered with, I can remember when we bought eggs they were put on a wooden home made stand with a light underneath that checked if they were old and bad, so the customer could not bring them back, no sell by dates in that time, which was one of my mother's quote when she was still using old food. My reply to her was we had no fridge and she shopped every day and we ate it that day. Maybe someone else can remember for me what all the othershops sold.
  6. There were 12 shops there during the war and I wondered if anyone could name them for me?
  7. I cannot remember the school ever being closed, I was went there when I was 5, 1944.
  8. Hello can anyone tell me what day he stands by the gold post box with his torch please? Brilliant way to raise money for his charity and would love to see him.
  9. Does anyone know if you can buy a Yorkshire flag locally, can only find buying them on the internet
  10. Does anyone know who was carrying the torch no. 139 the man in a wheelchair before Seb Coe, I understand he was in the 1948 games but cannot find out who he was?
  11. Hi JMorton, did you ever manage to speak to you uncle Sid Morton about the school photo please and David Roberts
  12. I too was born 1939 lived at Hartley Brook Avenue and went to Hartley Brook School. Think I now see someone born on Keppel, will ask her. My mum lived on Shiregreen up to her death only a few years ago. When growing up it was wonderful, all those fields, as an only child for 9 years I used to go on the fields on my own knowing there would be someone I could play with. Would not go there on my own now. For the last few years of Mum's life I used to dread walking down her street and looking at all the mess, she lived at the side of the path to the fields and the number of cans and bottles I used to clear up. Good job mum could not get out unaided in later life it would have distressed her. Can you remember the goats that were tethered on the fields?
  13. Putting out his message again, does anyone have a photo of a football team from Prince Edward School, not the 1948 one that Roy Sellars has but a few years later, there is David Roberts and Sid Morton on it. Have ploughed through photos in newspapers with no joy. Does anyone know where Sid Morton is now please, saw an article of his in newspaper but forgot to keep it for his address. Hoping he may have a copy. Love reading messages that you post, husband can remember so much of what you post.
  14. I have two previous handbooks, what did you want to know about the club?
  15. I have a copy of the two previous handbooks of the Onward Rambling Club that my father and his two older sisters and my future uncle belonged to. Mr Womersley was the person who, obviously was a keen photographer as most of the photos were his, one contains my father at the front of a large group including his relatives.
  16. Hello Peter, I do not think my parents went rambling during the war but my father born 1909 must have gone rambling with them from being 16 with his family, they were the Tingles. Was your father ever Lord Mayor? When the book about the Clarion Ramblers and G H B Ward was published a photo was put in the Star I could see my father, GHB was pointing with his stick and on the same row was a young man in shorts hugging his knees, that was my father, his future brother in law was next but one toward GHB. I cannot see my two aunts but they would be there somewhere, Nellie often was the leader in some of the walks in the books that I have. I have a few photos of the family on rambles and have taken them to my only living aunt who has put some names to them.
  17. Hello, are you in contact with your uncle, if you are could you ask him if he has a copy of the football team photo, if not can he remember what year it was or which paper it was in or failing all that can he remember any of the others in the team that may possibly have a copy of it. Have been in the library twice looking at so many newspapers we came out with a headache. He remembers Keith and Della. If my husband can remember anything else about your family I will be in touch.
  18. It was Armin Krausz that told my father to keep working harder, this was to a man who had worked hard because he was on piecework.
  19. Thanks for your quote, my grandfather was gassed and had shrapnel in the first world war, my father the only bread winner in the house would have had to support his mother, father and younger sister in 1933. Grandad decided this was not going to happen and queued for a house on Shiregreen for his son, told him to get married to my Mom and got them a lovely 3 bedroom house on Godrick Road. After a short while they had to move to a 2 bedroom house on Hartley Brook. I was born 1939, they moved again when I when I was about 10 to another house. Mother died in her 93rd year only a few years ago so I have seen so many changes on this estate. My childhood was wonderful, all those fields, the brook,sledging, a good school, plenty of other children and neighbours who were all aunty/uncle to me. In recent times I could not wait to get in mother's house all the old neighbours had moved or died and I had to ignore what was going off around her. My sister and I tried to get her to move either near us or somewhere safe, she was adamant she was not moving, my sister went to look at the flat in a safe complex the day she died. Mom had got her wish. I can understand you wanting to move but last time I looked at Parson Cross/Deerlands Avenue it was looking sad,. Shiregreen had well built houses, let us hope it can turn itself around for you. I write to someone in Australia who was at school with me and we laugh at things we did. Best wishes to you
  20. re read your letter, I do not think they were part of this group. Sorry
  21. My father and his older sisters, their partners and then my Mom all belonged to clarion ramblers, have quite a few photos. Names were Tingle, Toseland and the others slip my memory at the moment. Have to consult only living aunt for any more info, she was too young to ramble with them but knew their names.
  22. My mother bought cough medicine from there made in the shop - it was called black magic, I can still smell that medicine and many modern expensive medicines still smell the same, we were always told if it did not taste nice it was good for you
  23. My Dad's 2 favourite ones were Everyone is queer except me and thee and even thee's a bit queer The other one I always fell for Is it a true lie or a dam lie I always used to say it is a true lie dad, honestly a true lie.
  24. Husband does not know who these are but was at the senior school about this time, do you have any more photos of this school? We have being trying for nearly a year to find a school football photo with husband on mainly known as Danny real name David, not sure of the year trawled though old green un, Star and a few Telegraphs, were sent a photo from 1948/9 but still trying. Regards
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