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  1. Agree, it was pretty obvious and easy to find out about.
  2. Yeah I think people misread, 6 weren’t airlifted. SYP say the air ambulance ‘gave assistence’.
  3. Nick Clegg smirking like the Cheshire Cat. I know I would be!
  4. A bunch of them decided to drive past Hillsborough ignoring the red lights earlier, seemed they felt they were special...
  5. Can’t see any other threads on lofts, so waking this one up. Our loft was converted years ago, has electric, rads and a dormer etc. It has old, nasty artex so we’d like all the plastering pulling down and replacing, a couple of extra sockets, might also need the floor reboarding too - not sure. Job for a builder? Plasterer and chippy? Not too sure. Thanks
  6. Very bad experience with Capital Cars of Queens Rd.
  7. Hi I have a couple of missing tiles / slates. Located in S6 Anyone have someone recent to recommend? Ta
  8. There was a road accident, at Malin Bridge...
  9. Striking in the manner we do over here is always a bit dumb (no surprise tbh). This is how you 'strike', make your point and win favour with the public.
  10. You can pop up and tell the kid if you want, intensive care at the hallamshire. Mind you, not sure if they can hear you at the mo, what with the coma and all.
  11. Those of you with stoves / log burners etc, if you don't grow and season your own - where do you buy your firewood / logs from? Would you recommend your supplier? Ta
  12. Capital Cars on Queens Road sold me a pup which blew up 3 days later. They told me to foxtrot oscar, had to get legal. Very very poor. ---------- Post added 11-09-2017 at 17:49 ---------- These guys are good.
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