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  1. I think you should maybe get another quote tbh If you have the plans you can email them to multiple manufacturers
  2. Hey not many, you pipped me at the post though
  3. Cheers Andy , yeah the police said they have been viewing the CCTV footage ,but unfortunately they aren't physically manned so no one was alerted immediately of the break ins,they are just having to sift through the footage.
  4. Morning , My car was in Dore station car park over night on Saturday and was broken in to,windows smashed etc. The police have said that a few vehicles were targeted , and was just wondering if anyone else on SF had it happen to them too.
  5. firstly , my apologies for going off topic , but I had to say , what a funny username 'colin conker' is , it really brightened up my friday afternoon. Thankyou Bye
  6. Turner Hire are pretty cheap 426-432 London Road, Sheffield, S2 4ND Telephone: 0114 2581682 Fax: 0114 2555204
  7. Hi There , I was wondering if anyone could help me please. I attended the 'Battle of Yorkshire ' on saturday night 20th feb @ the sheffield ice rink , and wanted to view some footage as it was being filmed. I can't find anything at all , which I'm quite surprised at. If anyone knows where I could view anything , please could you post a link. Thanks in advance
  8. Wahooo , one bike has been confiscated http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/police-seize-quad-bike-and-4x4-in-crackdown-on-nuisance-vehicles-in-sheffield-1-7703840
  9. If your'e around s11 (bents green) the butchers on the block of sops is very good think it's called Canesters number 292 ringinlow road
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