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  1. i recentley had a old fire taken out and replaced by a shelving unit it looked that good my neighbour had hers done the same too PM me and i'll give you the blokes number
  2. hi all, now i know times are hard for most businesses but is there any out there who will be willing to sponsor a local (chapeltown) under 8s football team, it will be a 2 year sponsorship deal, you will get your company name on the kit and advertising space on our website. anyone that is interested plaese PM me thank you:)
  3. i think the whole of high green know who they mean, and its people like them that give council estates a bad name:rant:
  4. do you know what this shop is called, do they have a website:)
  5. thanks for your help, i'm looking for angram bank school
  6. any one know where i can buy school uniform with the logo on, apart from that shop at crystal peaks.
  7. theres a fun day at hillsbro college saturday, bouncy castle, face painting games, stalls and all that stuff
  8. does anyone know of a brownie group in high green thanks
  9. hi my son's had his wednesday and he's 2 today, the health visitor sent me a letter about a week or so ago with the date and time she was visiting my home, and thats that she came, he showed off like kids do, he got weighed and measured she filled in his red book asked me a few questions and away she went all smiles, hope this helps you mizzy x
  10. why dont u try to sell them, you could at least get a bit of money back on them
  11. any one been to asda chap in the last couple of hours, how is it?
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