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  1. Anyone know the reason for the power cut about 2.30 (initially) in Gleadless?Lights have been off and on several times now, It's getting rather annoying!
  2. Hi, just looked out the window (had curtains closed) and there seems to be no lights at all on the Blackstock Road side of Gleadless Valley. Anyone know anything about it?
  3. The regional sign thing, made me smile. Many years ago I took my level 2 at Castle College and failed it! I re-sat it, but had to go to Birmingham to do it. During the assessment I made the sign for water, the assesor interrupted me and asked me for clarification as she had not seen this sign before! It transpired that the Birmingham sign for water, is totally different to the Sheffield one I had been taught! Fortunately, one of the requirements for Level 2 BSL is an understanding of regional differences and I passed my exam.
  4. You can get them from Amazon too (if know what type you need)
  5. Methinks it may have some impact on the kind of medication you are given also. You don't want something that is going to make you drowsy if you are driving.
  6. 'Tis seasons greetings to you all from me, Hope you've put all your balls on the tree, Then done all your shopping, Without even flopping, And arrived home to a nice cup of tea!
  7. Poor Denlin is in quite a tizz, 'Cause Kier aren't doing the Bizz, They'd better look out! Or they'll all get a clout!! And have red ears, that are all of a hiss! :hihi:
  8. Poor Sue may feel air sick, There's a knack to riding broom sticks, Some just go zoom, Some have real Vrooooooom, And some are like boring toothpicks!
  9. Now Sheldon has a new friend called Myrtle, She's a Sheffield born and bred Turtle, But they need a new tank, The other one stank! And somewhere to hide whilst they...erm....furtle?
  10. Hi Jane, Sorry for the belated greetings, I was reminded about your birthday, but I side-tracked myself with something and forgot all about it! *hangs head in shame* Hope you had a good day. All the Best Merl xx
  11. Sorry it's late from me too! I've been otherwise occupied......hope you had a great day!! Love Merl xx
  12. Nannette.............. ---------- Post added 16-03-2013 at 23:04 ---------- Olivia................
  13. What the? I had to look that up! Quadriceps ............are you a medical student by any chance?
  14. ...... I'm not gonna look back that far, just on the off chance am I? Oesophagus
  15. Nasal Passage .......
  16. Impetigo (I THINK that is how you spell it )
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