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  1. Dog walking services! Dog, cat (plus other animals) sitting whilst at work or away! Areas Meersbrook, Norton & Heeley. Call/text me, Janet on 07561926281 or reply on here for more information. Thanks for reading!
  2. SPOT ON! I am a current raver, and I completely agree with you. We all have jobs, and we just love having a good time. Its not our fault that people can be so stuck up and complain from hearing distant noise. Its not the end of the world. And now I take pride in being able to be called a pratt for what I enojoy doing.
  3. I was driving along Hathersage road at around half past 9 last night. As we were driving out cars heading back towards shefield were flashing their lights at us and randomly putting their hazzard lights on. Up ahead we got to a point and there was a road closed sign and cones across the road. By this point, we hadn't passed any turnings onto hathersage road for a while so i dont understand why there wasn't a warning further down. In the distance from the road closed sign we could see flashing police lights through the trees. I think im being too nosey for my own good, but does anyone know what was going on?
  4. only one i know is a pub in nether edge open till 3 the re-opens at 7 dont know what its called though, just the main pub
  5. lets hope some people daym reply then. hehehe merry christmas. you lookin around the same area?
  6. EXACTLY! In my opinion, they've all got lasy but really who am i to say that, its christmas day and im on this forum sitting at home. Oh well, im enjoying it.
  7. Hello there, I and a few friends want to go to the pub just for few pints before the feast this year ( i know, bad idea, sick will follow later,just thought it might be fun.) We just dont want to set off to find that most of them are shut. Anyone know anywhere that is deffinately open today? preferably around nether edge, sharrow and ecclesall road. Thankyou Aaren
  8. i was going to go to tesco on eccllesall road but i know thats shut. Does any1 know what time the one on west street shuts? i have been in before asking for them but they had dun out. That was a while ago. Thanks for the help:)
  9. Local anuthorities, in botanical gardens? Thats rediculus! Botanical gardens is just perfect as it is. The idea is to go to tesco and gather enough food to sort your self out whilst chilling there for a number of hours. As for the toilets, dont be lazy, just walk to them.
  10. Does anyone know where i can buy lots of baloons for cheapish now (sunday night 9:30) somewhere near sheffield centre? NEED HELP! Aaren
  11. I agree with the fact that the wheel is far to expesive for the time, the views and the whole experience. But think of the people who work on it. My dad had been trying to get a job for months on end and had no luck, as did many people. This wheel has given him and others a job for at least 6 months. Now i think that is worth it.
  12. There's a stall on fargate selling nice looking ones for around £2. I like them, should check it out.
  13. i didnt know anything about Jamie but i just would like to send my condolences to the family. I just makes me angry when i hear about any deaths due to war. Very against it, dont believe in violence of any sort. There is always a more humane way to sort out any issues that doesn't result is mass murder. R.I.P.
  14. i've been looking for a cheap scooter in hope that i'll be able to buy one soon. As i am impatient, i want to find a place where i can pay over a period of a couple of years. Anyone know anything to help? Or even better, anyone selling a cheap scooter? Cheers
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