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  1. More importantly, don't try and teach your granny to suck eggs.
  2. Yes, really. Sounds like the person the OP mentions doesn't leave the house though, so there would be no time to organise lock changing.
  3. Allegedly! Which part of "NOT A CRIME" do you not understand?
  4. Quoted so that it doesn't get skipped by people that are interested in the thread title, rather than the (off topic) film garbage.
  5. The only post that the OP needs to read.
  6. 24 hour bus lane enforcement (unless you can make buses run 24 hours a day), that's a dismal waste of money otherwise.
  7. I take it you never went to Rotherham (whilst and after) they offered free parking above the bus station? I have. The centre is half empty since the stopped.
  8. The internet as you know it now has only been around for about ten years, Sheffield city centre was in decline years before that (from the early/mid 80s). But if the workers can't park, then the places that employ them will (and do) move out of the centre and on/in to these out of town centres/custom developments. Thus ensuring that there are fewer and fewer shops/businesses so fewer people frequent the area. I know (personally) many that are put off by the cost of parking in the city centre. Not really any surprise there then. When was the last time that the people of Sheffield were even asked (as this is another question I have never been asked)?
  9. Allegedly (by biased sources). No proof of this has been offered.
  10. It would, if that is when it was written (more so when you take into consideration the OP).
  11. To the point of using (provided) take down tools to remove material they had no copyright over (nor holders' permission to remove). http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Hotfile+Sues+Warner+Bros
  12. We did similar one day early in December. It snowed. I've often been tempted to do the Cleethorpes run (as it's almost all motorway, it's pretty cheap - petrol wise - to get there).
  13. On offer at Asda for 50p a tin (as are other Heinz soups).
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