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  1. there is guy in sheffield who takes or buys printers and refurbishes them to give to kids / youths who don't have much. to help them out. anyone know who it is or a contact number? someone told me about him but i can't find him. cheers
  2. thanks.. but they need a professional. If you saw them you would understand.
  3. does any one know a local (S5 area) gardener that can take a few feet off some conifers for me. They are about 10 foot high and i need them reduced to about 6 foot. There is also a conifer hedge i need reducing in height.
  4. Quovis Blinds are brill!!!! they did my blinds in my salon, my house, my mums house and my aunts house and loads of my clients. All very satisfied. It's a family owned business. Free quote... loads to choose from . Awesome people.Call Dee on 07772905750 or Mick on 07809422795 and tell them Wendy from Style salon sent ya.
  5. STYLE Unisex Hair Salon... Hatfield House Lane, FirthPark / Shiregreen. It's not far from Longley 6th Form college. Open hours Tuesday - Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 9am - 3pm. (oh and Thursdays open till 7pm) 20% off all prices.
  6. also you can check out SENTA which is down near Wicker area near where all the car show rooms are.. not sure of the street name...sorry but they helped me set up my business and gave heaps of advice. Look it up on the internet for more info. Good luck.
  7. yep.. call you local fire service.. they should do it for free for you. ;0)
  8. hi. I am a mobile hairdresser and work around the S5 area. If you want to call me my number is 07817-500006. If you live relatively close to that area we can see what we can do. ;-) (I no longer offer this mobile service as i now have a salon on Hatfield House Lane called Style. The phone number can still be used to contact for info about the salon. )
  9. i have deleted my info as i no longer offer the service
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