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  1. Yeah we've had it. I was just out walking the dog in Halfway and the street lights flashed and some went off. Could here lots of house alarms going off. When I got in the wife said the tv had gone off.
  2. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=936721
  3. Traffics busy in the area due to the standing water but I crossed the river on Meadowhall Way and it was swollen but looked to be coping ok at the moment. The road under the railway bridge on Upwell Street is flooded but it always seems to there due to poor drainage.
  4. BBC Look North are broadcasting live as the torch passes the Berkeley Precinct part of Ecclesall Road. Not sure who's carrying on that section though??
  5. I'm on Tesco network and got a android phone and do find it struggles to get a 3g signal in areas of sheffield. Not sure if its the phone or signal though as it rarely holds a 3g signal whatever city I'm in.
  6. Ours was doing it other week and we cleaned the filter out and it had a hairgrip stuck in it, stopped after that. Worth a check
  7. Just had it fixed and it was the coil pack so nothing to do with any problem with the fuel from Tesco.
  8. I've used it for selling bulky/non postable items and it always seems to get a lot of response. Obviously there's no charges so you make more profit too.
  9. I've been filling up here since it opened and all has been fine up until two weeks ago when my car has started to judder like its about to cut out/misfiring when accelerating. I'm booking it in to have checked out next week as think it is an engine problem but reading this has made me a bit concerned now that it's to do with the fuel.
  10. Ah right, well I've got to work Saturday so will miss the Afterdark show so was a little bonus
  11. Yeah I saw it too and mentioned it in the megathread. They were really good, looked as good as the ones they use at Afterdark!
  12. Keep an eye on there twitter feed as they sometimes update with details of incidents they attend. http://twitter.com/#!/SYP_AirOps
  13. There's just been a big display near Meadowhall. Looked like it was from the overflow car park area! It was great!
  14. I'm in S4 and 2 of my sons birthday cards didn't arrive last week and one of my wifes birthday cards didn't arrive this week!!! Very strange!!!!
  15. Plus now it's a metro it is on the same pricing structure as the big stores instead of the inflated Express stores prices
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