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  1. Thanks very much for the info buddy much appreciate you dont happen to know any where around hillsborough do you thanks again
  2. Hi does any one know how much weigh in price is for steel selving as ive got quite a bit to weigh in just wording if any one could tell me how much its worth and were is the vest place to take it thanks
  3. Hi looking to get the best price for wood pallets does any one know the best place to go in sheffield where i can sell them thanks got about 20 to 30 maybe more
  4. You told me you was up all night worrying about lol????
  5. Hi could you tell me how the job centre pay for it do they find the centre for you or do you have to find them am just thinking about doing my hgv that's all thanks very much any help would be fab thanks very much
  6. I remember graham parks. Did he used to live on pipworth road. Does anyone remember glyn coldwell
  7. Who r u and where did you used to live
  8. so ive herd frazzie. i havent been myself yet trying to talk my sister in to going with me.
  9. Lol i only just noticed but im glad i made you laugh x
  10. women have the same problems as you men . you know
  11. FRAZZLE have you tried hot pants at city hall
  12. I was born at 4 desmond cresent and lived there from 1958 to 1973 when my mam passed. we moved up to tuffolds close i have a brother called ken eastwood and david. then there was my big sister pam eastwood me diane and my little sister linda. Does any one rememberplaying in the air raid shelters on the monor feilds. We used to dare each other to go through.
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