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  1. Hi folks - Just to let you know our next rehoming date is Saturday, 31st January 2015. We have over 2,000 hens (ex-caged hens) looking for forever homes. These hens are aged about 72 weeks of age and are due to go to slaughter. We ask a minimum donation of £2.50 per hen (this covers securing the hens life, transportation/fuel, etc). We are a not for profit organisation and are volunteers. As well as welcoming rehomers for these hens we also welcome volunteers wishing to become involved in helping rehome hens which would otherwise be sent to abbatoirs and end up in cheap chicken pies, baby foods, etc. If you want further information or would like to reserve some hens, please visit our website http://www.freshstartforhens.co.uk Thank you for reading and a happy new year to everyone. ---------- Post added 10-01-2015 at 00:57 ---------- Still some hens looking for homes. Reservations close in a week. Thanks for reading x
  2. Another one here who can recommend Springfield Veterinary Group - William Taylor is the guy to see as he sees all sorts of avians on a regular basis. In fact Springfield have a number of brilliant vets
  3. See that Springfield Vets have been sharing this little ladies photos on their facebook page as well. x
  4. Hi Folks - Just to let people know that Fresh Start for Hens are rehoming ex-commercial hens on Saturday 13th December. There is a full list of collection points on our website - http://www.freshstartforhens.co.uk I am hosting the Doncaster Collection Point (I've put Doncaster as Doncaster is nearest well known town to me - actually rehoming on the day at Adwick upon Dearne). I believe Barnsley CP and Retford CP will also be operating that date. If you have any poultry keeping friends please will you share - this will be the last rehoming session of 2014 - don't think we have ever had one so late in the year - we hope to save lots of lovely little hens from slaughter that day. Thank you for reading xx
  5. Springfield Vets in Sheffield have a healthy pet club. For cats it is £9.99 a month and that includes vaccines, flea and worm treatment during the course of the year and a 6 monthly health check. Include is nail clipping and microchipping. In addition they knock 10% off cost of other things, like consultations needed, medication, pet food, pet toys, etc. 20% off neutering costs and a set price for dentals (cheaper than norrmal costs).
  6. Just to put this post back on topic - the reservation list closes on 10th July - still some little ladies looking to be rehomed. If anyone knows anyone who might be interested please share - hate the thought of some lovely little chooks going to slaughter. Thank you for reading
  7. With regards to vets dealing with poultry I can highly recommend Springfield Vets - they have 8 branches. I know Rotherham, Firth Park and Mexborough have vets happy to see poultry.
  8. That's fantastic news. Ex-commercial hens are amazing little creatures - very trusting, loving and its bonus when they give you a little egg
  9. Oooh, fantastic that your friend is rehoming hens. We've got some amazing volunteers in this region, they all do an amazing job and all for the love of those little chooks in cages. Sometimes there are months between each rehoming session - Fresh Start for Hens have the opportunity to rehome a lot of hens within a short period of time - but hey, who wants to leave any little chook behind in a cage. We welcome volunteers as well, so anyone wanting to help - visit the website and contact us. xx
  10. Hi - Just to let you know that Fresh Start for Hens are next rehoming ex-battery hens on Saturday, 19th July 2014. Reservations close on 6th July. If anyone is interested in offering a forever home as a pet to some ex battery hens please visit their website http://www.freshstartforhens.co.uk. They ask a minimum donation of £2.50 per hen (which covers transportation, fuel, etc). There are a number of collection points - just checking which of the local collection points are operating on this date - Sheffield has been confirmed, with next nearest point being Holmfirth and York. Please spread the word. Thank you.
  11. Always listen to the advice your vet gives you, as they have your pets welfare at heart. I had an elderly cat who developed renal failure, went onto medication and renal diet from vets, she was old when she developed the renal problem and I had her a further six months. Hugs to you both.
  12. In all honesty the best person to ask is your vet. If you ever have any queries or don't understand the reason why your vet does or does not prescribe anything, ask them. They are there to help. Hope your little mate feels better soon.
  13. Hi Folks - I do appreciate this isn't relevant to the Sheffield area, but desperately need your help in spreading the word. Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity rehomed a little dog yesterday (I believe) to a new loving home in Wakefield. Unfortunately the little dog has escaped and gone missing. The little dog is called Pebbles, she was wearing a red harness when she went missing. This little dog will be very frightened and if anyone chases her she will run away. Please folks, if you are on facebook or have friends or family living in the Wakefield area will you help spread the word. This little dog is microchipped. Please check out B.A.R.C. website or facebook page to see what Pebbles looks like. I don't work for B.A.R.C. but as an animal lover wanted to spread the word. Thank you for reading xx ---------- Post added 23-02-2014 at 17:43 ---------- Dog Found
  14. I am not sure of your location, but Wath Boarding Kennels & Cattery have staff who can administer insulin (I know they have had diabetic dogs there, but not sure about any cats who have been there). They are based on Station Road in Wath. Worth a try - they have a website.
  15. Thoughts are with you, this is a difficult time and a difficult decision to make. Your vet will be able to help, as all veterinary practices have a pet crematorium who can collect your pet and whether you want your pets ashes returned, or indeed your pet buried in their pet cemetery they can undertake this and carry out your instructions. Prices will vary. On a personal note I can recommend Rossendale Pet Crematorium - they are based in Lancashire but do collect from a number of vets in the Rotherham and Sheffield area. They took great care of my old boy, when he passed away.
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