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  1. It is very difficult test. The mode of exam has been changed completely. Also three chance to attend the test, If fails there is no option to reappear the test in 12 months..
  2. Dear Sirs, Humbly request you to advise with some information regarding the Taxi Knowledge Test Sheffield . The council leaflet that is still persists ambiguity. Requesting anyone who has recently attended the test to guide me on the following; You can PM me also... 1. Is it computer based exam? Or 2. Is it written exam? 3. What is the difference between "route test" and "District of Sheffield" Test? 4. Can you please provide a sample of the above both Tests? 5. I understand there are three sections of Test. Should be re appeared all those three sections again even if I passed one or two of them? Best Wishes
  3. I am just attracted to brakek4life from Halfords. Has anyone tried this from halfords? Is it worth? Is it expensive to qualify? Onemore advice please: when changed break pads, is it advantageous to change brake disc as well? Please reply. Thanks.
  4. Hi there, I need to my 4 x tyres (205/60/16R through ebay) to be picked up from Diss (UK mainland). How to measure the tyres for a parcel service? Reply please.
  5. telephone number to call al nassim?????
  6. Hi there, Looking for buying a Wii U for my 11 year old boy. He wants Mario kart, sport resort and Up. Where can I buy Wii U with the best price? I saw one in Argos which £30 more than that of Amazon. I saw another one in Tesco Direct, which says Mario pre installed. All the Wii U comes with Mario pre-installed or not? Do I need to take 3 year product guarantee with it or not?? please help me. thanks
  7. I am also looking for an Independent Mortgage Advisor for remortgage and also for buying second home. The reason I am asking your recommendation here my friend, recently bought second home in Manchester, who got better deal (95% on his current mortgage) from a second advisor than the first advisor (80%). I surprise how two different mortgage advisors do things differently?
  8. Buying a PC with out having any operating system. Anybody can recommond any cheapest option to install. I am buying this PC: http://www.ebuyer.com/613262-acer-aspire-xc-603-desktop-pc-dt-sulek-004/
  9. No. I am thinking if I have to take my car to Electrical Diagnostic Centre or a garage...
  10. Hi Friends, It's been third time Check VSC system displayed. Where is the best place to take in to check it? I am looking for a quote first sine I am having warranty. Please..... thanks
  11. Hi there, I am looking for new shed, and fecing posts to be reinstalled. Any recommendations for reliable company/personnel. thanks
  12. I have put an order with talktalk for aTV pack recently but I dont have a freeview antenna installed. My querry is if it is possible to use sky satalite dish for Talktalk or not... If not, how much does it cost for installing freeview antenna?
  13. we eat food more than a weight of an elephant in an year. so dont worry about money. enjoy your food. I dont go out very often. I cook myself
  14. It happens when I click on yahoo messenger , how can it be resolved. please thanks and regards
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