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  1. janjan pub was manor hotel and still is we lived top house right side near play ground back ov pub
  2. heres a few dells kellys prouds binghams smiths halls mussin coats :bowler nice tash a lol .hukins cassons sandersons archers taffs pickerins .thats a start 4 ya loads more need some kip now o this int mi name reece its the lads pc big clue that laters
  3. i rem mush sef -richard smith ov 118 wulfric road mick casson tony horton colin hall allan stambra dont think thats right well loads more just afew 2 get ya thinkin
  4. labradodle a big softy that ys cant shift from the fire, name lazzy
  5. we say gennall they say ginell or slip cant think of others
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