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  1. Hi, if anyone can help would be gtreat? I've just started using Facebook messanger on my iPad. When I read someone's text from my contacts list this shows on the right hand side of my screen I can't then seem to go back without this still being on the screen. It stills shows the conversation. I just want to see the contacts list. Any help much appreciated. Thank you
  2. Hi, know it’s a while since your last post but I have sent you a private message that might be of interest to you. Kind regards
  3. Channel 4 did a documentary recently-something on the lines of: Airbnb, Dream or Nightmare. This covered just what you are experiencing. Might give you some info on how to complain further? All the best with this.
  4. Hi, wandering if anyone has had success with a mortgage lender who specifically deals with ' Right to acquire' properties? We have put an interest into the house we are in and have been given a notice of 'Right to acquire'. We have approached the Natwest for a mortgage butt they won't give us one because it isn't 'Right to buy'. I have searched other lenders but to no avail. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi,try this: yourparkingspace.co.uk Type in where,how long etc, for space. Hope this helps.
  6. I can see a Next Home going there - the nearest one (I believe?) is Meadowhall, unless there is one in Chesterfield that I don't know about. ______ Next / clearance at Heely retail.
  7. Just so it definitely isn't a figment of our imagination about this store ever opening, here is an article in the Mirror today: IKEA has been flat-out after posting an 11% jump in sales. The Swedish chain flogged £1.57billion worth of goods in the UK in the 12 months to the end of August. Profits won’t be announced until December but the firm, already the UK’s biggest furniture seller, grew its market share by 0.5% to 7.7%. UK boss Gillian Drakeford said: “We are delighted to have achieved double-digit growth for the second year running.” A new store, its first for seven years, is due to open in Reading next summer, with other new sites planned in Sheffield, Exeter and Greenwich, south-east London. It’s also considering ditching its maze-like store layout for the first time, with plans for smaller shops. The first new branch, one of three planned so far, is “unlikely” to have IKEA’s love-it-or-hate-it labyrinthine layout.
  8. Hi everyone, Anyone been in my predicament parking in the Mile stone pub car park being issued a parking ticket? I parked today and got a ticket which stated " not parked correctly within the markings of the bay space". I've briefly read the 30 or so pages of this thread to find similar and also the guidance from websites, but would really appreciate help in 'lay men's' terms on this. I've taken a pic of how I was parked which I'm trying to upload. Many thanks
  9. Just got the last bit if the local news today and says there might be the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights tonight. Anyone help with times/ best viewing etc please? Thanks
  10. Give a few more details and someone on this forum maybe able to help?? Mine wasn't keeping things chilled properly and thermostat reading well above normal. Someone suggested trying to poke the small drainage hole inside the fridge with a very thin straw. Ta da! It worked as bits of crumbs had blocked inside and the fridge :thumbsup:started to work perfectly after.
  11. Employees have still not received last years pay rise. Massive investment running into 10s of millions for a new production area some time ago that lays absolutely dormant most of the year. When it is up and running is doesn't produce half as much as the old part of the bakery. Feel sorry that people haven't been paid what they are owed.
  12. Just got a bit of the local news this morning, super tram suspended from halfway to.....? this is because of an 'incident'. Anyone have any more info on this please? Can't find any info on Sheffield Online etc. Thanks
  13. Heard the same,poor biker lost their life. Road shut off from meadowhead to Bowshaw. So very tragic..
  14. Hi there, we purchased 2 poppies and one has already got a small chip ( due to our cat bounding around!). We looked at the glue kits from Amazon for ceramic repair and Youtube on the step by step guide on repairing ceramics. By chance I mentioned this to a lady whilst queuing for my shopping whose an art teacher in a school. She has very kindly offered to have a look to see about repairing. There's got to be ceramic potters in Sheffield who could repair this which was my next stage if the offer hadn't come along.
  15. Rate them too, had work done over the years with them. In fact it was a forum member some years back that posted a thread so took it from there.
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