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  1. My Glow Worm 30cxi is leaking from the right hand side. I can hear a slight hissing sound and can see a fine mist of water towards the back right of the boiler. The blue refill tap is turned off. I have boiler cover but they can't get anyone out until Tuesday. Can anyone tell how I can stop the leak for now as I can't be around all the time until Tuesday to keep emptying the bucket.
  2. You need to have had credit to have a score. Have you ever had a mobile phone contract or been responsible for paying household utility bills?
  3. Hi, the hard drive in my laptop is working but I have noticed that the sound it is making is slightly different to normal. If the on-board diagnostics detect a problem will these show up automatically in Windows 10 or is there a piece of software I would have to use to check the condition of the drive? Thank you.
  4. What is the value of your Claim? Have you sent a formal letter before action yet?
  5. I've slipped and managed to injure my knee and quadriceps muscles. I can no longer bend the injured leg but need to get myself to hospital. I can just about get around if I keep the injured knee in the locked position otherwise the leg just gives way. Does anyone know if I'd likely be able to get in and out of a black cab? Do all black cabs have the same accessibility features? Thank you.
  6. Fonefun didn't really give a reason, just that the place they were going to send the phone to had confirmed that they couldn't do the repair. In the end they just suggested I take the phone to a Samsung repair centre. There isn't a Samsung centre in Sheffield anymore but I spoke to Samsung on the phone and they said that they would probably replace the motherboard which would cost more than I had paid for the phone. As can be seen from the video the part is replaceable but requires specialised soldering skills. I have found a couple of places online that say they can do the repair but I would prefer to go somewhere local. If I can't do that I'll just put the phone on Ebay for spares.
  7. Have tried them already. They said that they would have to send it away but then came back and said that they couldn't get the repair done after all.
  8. Hi, does anyone know of a shop in Sheffield that is able to replace the sim card reader on a Samsung Galaxy S7? I can obtain the part but the soldering is beyond me. You can see a video of the process here .
  9. Have you tried Now TV? Each account will let you register 4 devices and watch on 2 at a time. The sports passes usually cost £34 per month but you can regularly find them cheaper on Ebay or Now TV sometimes have £20 per month offers which last for a few months each time.
  10. The soil pipe on the outside of my house is leaking from a joint. Is it a plumber I need to look at this or someone else?
  11. A small black and white cat has been living under a hedge in my garden for about a week. I'm 99% sure it's a female. She has a red collar on so may be lost. I have taken her to be scanned but no microchip was found. The cat is wary of strangers but friendly once she trusts you. She seems well apart from being hungry. I am based on the Wincobank/Meadowhall side of Kimberworth. https://s15.postimg.org/55bd01f8r/Cat.jpg If you recognise the cat please get in touch. Thank you.
  12. The socket doesn't look like the one Glitterballs linked to. Mine is labelled as Master Socket 5c. Since I've had fibre broadband three engineers have visited and none have mentioned anything about only using the master socket. The engineer who fitted the socket late last year actually tested the master and extension and found that both were capable of providing in excess of the 50Mb/s service I have. It seems that the problem with the extension only started when the new external cable was fitted.
  13. I usually have my router plugged into an extension near my tv. I was getting the full speed of 50Mb/s through this. Recently there was a fault on the line which stopped me making or receiving calls and dropped the speed to 5Mb/s (even when plugged into the 5C master socket). The engineer has replaced the line outside the house but since then I can only get full speed if the router is plugged into the master socket. When plugged into the extension the speed is around 28Mb/s, the router takes ages to connect and regularly drops the connection. Before I get my ISP to send someone out and risk a £130 charge please would someone advise whether there is any reason why my old extension wiring should not work with the new phone line?
  14. I had a similar problem to the OP which was eventually resolved by doing a netsh winsock reset.
  15. Hi, can anyone recommend a storage facility where I can store a few hard drives? The smallest lockers I've found so far are £6pw but then require a further £6pw for compulsory insurance. On a related not what software could I use to make a portable external hard drive readable only with a password? What brands of these drives already come with some kind of security software?
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