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  1. Would anyone be able to help me at all please I live in a council house and i am trying to find out. who I would need to get in touch with for any assistance in getting rid of our bath and getting a wet room as now myself and my wife are both no disabled and struggling with bathing So thanks in advance for any help
  2. ci I went to upperthorpe and some of the lads I remember were Robert Jubb Jimmy ridge William rystogi Raymond damms tony Costello Arthur heliwell And a few girls. Avis trigg barbara rastrick I think my memory is shot AND MY NAME WAS MICK COOPER AND I LIVED ON DANIEL HILL STREET
  3. I used them but I never would use them again they come out and hit you with sky high prices AVOID
  4. Remember good tyres are not cheap and cheap tyres are not good
  5. Does anyone care it's only a tree for gods sake surely there's far more things to get worried about..... A tree. Ffs
  6. Take your phone in with you and record it yourself that's the easyist way to do it and you won't believe how they lie
  7. The woman taking tramadol a prescription only medicine into Egypt saying they were for her partner is now moaning because she has been put in jail for what is a smuggling case she says she did not know they were ileagle these tablets have more the same effect as heroine Does she deserve sympathy no I do believe she doesn't she was quite happy to take them in wasn't she. We will have to see how this case pans out,she recons she was given them from someone who no longer uses them
  8. no scaring....mr personality tattoo studio Chesterfield rd 01142 494131 advice is free
  9. why, your opinion isn't worth a mention you sound a very uneducating fool ---------- Post added 12-09-2017 at 18:42 ---------- mr personality tattoo studio on chesterfield road tel 01142494131 it has male and female piercers and a very private piercing studio highly recommend
  10. and quote's like the above dont do anybody any good. i have lived on the manor far the last 15 years in my own house (not council) without any trouble at all, Gleeson are building another 400? private houses, people are buying houses on the Manor Top people want to live there "and" willing to buy a house at the market rate. And i do know there are some very good places on Parson Cross And Shiregreen. What difference does owning your home or council house make regarding trouble And that's another reason there are no council houses because thatcher letting tenants buy their houses for peanuts ---------- Post added 14-08-2017 at 12:31 ---------- Beighton is in Sheffield ---------- Post added 14-08-2017 at 12:33 ---------- Of course Beighton is in Sheffield
  11. Where do you people come from show me one area which doesn't have crime of one sort or another. I for one would never ever ask on a site such as Sheffield forum not because it's bad but because people hear second hand chat or rubbishy story's about different area,s. There is and always will be good and bad in EVERY single area,too many know alls on here ---------- Post added 14-08-2017 at 12:18 ---------- Green hill is not a village ---------- Post added 14-08-2017 at 12:19 ---------- Green hill is not a village
  12. I'm looking for one could you tell me the size of it please please pm me
  13. Had my parking space (flagged) re-laid by the council ( I am a disabled driver ) and now they are as bad as before they just paid them on sand but never put any cement to keep them in place but now they are in a dangerous condition so now I've got to get back in touch with them but for the life of me I can't remember who you get back in touch with has anyone any idea who please????
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