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  1. Hello everyone! My son just had an operation which means he will be wheelchair bound for the next 6 weeks and won't be at school much. I am trying to find some frogspawn for him to watch develop over the next few weeks. I have a fish tank and can return tadpoles to original pond if needed. Thanks
  2. Good luck with your site. Lots of useful comments here - i am just starting a business too. Your website looks far more complicated than mine. My only comment would be that the font doesn't look right for the site - just personal preference though i suppose.
  3. I will start my yard sale at 10.30 ish as long as its not raining too much! Sorry i can't send messages back - i don't have 5 posts yet! Also Tapton car boot is Sunday 10am. Maybe i should do my own thread? Scary - not done that before!!
  4. I'm having one tomorrow and possibly Sunday - weather dependent - will let you know how it goes! PS quick plug - it's at <Removed> Crosspool. Lots of kids toys, baby equipment, trailer, caravan(!), table and chairs, lawnmowers and more...
  5. I bought an IR2200 at an auction - company reposession i think - but i don't have the code to enter to see if it works. Can anyone help?
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