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  1. Its not vigilantism, its protecting youngsters from perverts like this- thank god he got caught, the intent was there and that's why he got locked up.
  2. Saw the photos of him on Calendar , what a brave girl- she did him over good style, that courage could have just saved her life.
  3. I received a letter today from " House of Commons" saying I may not be registered and flapping the £80.00 fine line at the top, I have called the council and they say its nothing to do with them, these letters are coming from my local MP- they did confirm I was registered and said they would look into why these letters are arriving thick and fast locally and too late from the deadline the letter is stating. All that money on stamps .. pftt!
  4. I have recently been diagnosed with under active thyroid and put on 25mcg of levothyroxine, after two weeks on it , I have never felt so ill .. The Gp has told me to stop immediately and to get it out of my system and go back to see her in 2 weeks, has anyone had reactions to this drug. My TSH level is 5.8 the nausea, burning up, headaches confusion sweats and joint pain were off the scale and the exhaustion was horrendous once I started taken them, I have been reading about reactions to this drug from other people, the GP said there is another drug to try but after being on the low dose and feeling so bad, its worrying. I didn't really have the typical symptoms of being under active, in fact I asked if a blood test could see if I was perimenopausal, and was called back and told about my thyroid I didn't have any of the above until I took this med.. any advice ?
  5. Steve I have just finished reading a book called behind closed doors, its about a lady that was diagnosed with about 6 conditions from different consultants, ME being one of them, in the end she had her thyroid checked years on and she was under active, has your wife had her thyroid checked by the GP? Not saying all cases are caused by an under active thyroid, but if she hasn't had it checked might be worth asking GP to do the blood test .
  6. Don't think your post is antagnosing Nigel, its fact!..also people toddle off on to gum tree or preloved to buy a breed ( usually pedigree) that they know nothing about then call rescues when they can't cope.
  7. I doubt any rescues hold onto dogs because they get "too attached".. most want the best forever home possible so that that both dog and owner are compatible and can go on and lead a happy life together, that then releases another space for another dog to be helped and re homed. FYI Jackie and the team at Rain Rescue go over and beyond to get their dogs the right homes, and good rescues make no apologies for not just letting a dog go out because the prospective dog owner wants " that dog" seen on a website or FB, all factors have to be taken into account so a dog goes to the right home environment and wont bounce back in. Won't bother explaining your re quote, the analogy is pretty obvious.
  8. Nigel I agree with you about home checking 100% its there to protect the dog, if a person does have a problem with home checking then going the rescue route obviously isn't for them. When a dog comes into rescue you treat it as one of your own as soon as it arrives, and if all boxes aren't ticked to ensure the happiness and safety of a dog then its got to be no, if that doesn't bode well with some people then they go and buy off pre loved and gum tree - some find that they can't cope with that dog or its a biter or ill, and ironically may end up in a rescue somewhere. Criteria's for rescue are there for a reason,.. you wouldn't want to adopt a child and not expect to give your details would you ?
  9. I went to Claremont as a private patient, couldn't fault it, my OH went last year as a NHS patient for an op OMG - horrendous.
  10. its been quite apparent that false jobs are being posted with some of them. so you apply for that vacancy and its only to get your details for future use! Some also send you out on jobs which you state you are not qualified for, and they don't seem to care just as long as you show up. Also the over familiarity these people ring you with is just mind blowing , like they have known you for years, quite cringy to hear to be honest. OH got wise to their patter.
  11. Has anyone else had bad experiences with employment agencies? My OH is in the construction industry and he can't believe how they operate, been quite an eye opener.
  12. and he used to park in the disabled bays at meadowhall ! .. total toss pot.
  13. Sad how people who don't have a clue about the hard work that goes into any rescue, are the first to have a dig, get in and get your hands dirty like so many "volunteers" do and I'm sure your opinion would change if you met a person with an attitude like yours! Opening times are there for a reason.
  14. I can't stand it when I see dogs cr*pping and the owner just walks off without picking it up- just disgusting!
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