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  1. All the following Ltd Companies belong to the same people as Merlin Estates, I know because I have inside info: Omnia: Cavernia Dawsack Daleswood and others they have all been in liquidation In View-----Victoria House Goldene ---- Glossop Road Valedale Aceland Developments M T Boulding Jnr There are lots more The all owe stacks of money to small traders so it's all happening all over again
  2. Was it a red Ford Fiesta? I know her and I will pass your message on to her, she doesn't read this Forum though. Perhaps it was a blue Mini? I know her too and the woman who drives a black Polo!
  3. Thank you so much Tooeg for all the trouble you have gone into, I'm sorry I have been so long answering but my little old laptop has been out of action . This is very interesting. P
  4. Wow, thanks Tooeg, I look forwards to the rest of it, it's so interesting and I know lots of people who will enjoy this. Thanks again P
  5. Is there anyone on this Forum able to take me for a walk over Crookes as it was in 1960? Starting from right hand side going up from the Old Grindstone (the one that was demolished) right up to the top of Western Road and back down on the other side of the road to the Grindstone? Can anyone tell me the names of all the shops, what they sold and the shopkeeper? This was brought up in a conversation last week and nobody could agree which shops were which. I'm quite sure we can do this together!!!
  6. You call her your very good friend? You certainly don't need enemies love. Friends from childhood or not - give her the push. Did she bully you as a child? She certainly sounds like a bully. Good friends don't act like that.
  7. I absolutely agree medusa, it's the visible giving that encourage the one upmanship especially within a family, group of friends or colleagues. Could it be that the real winners are the givegivegive,com organisers?
  8. Did the person donating £200 give his/her full name? I bet they did, it's a case of look at me and see how much richer I am than you" I don't know the answer to this one, I've had a couple of them this year from the Sheffield walk, I gave £2 each, it's the charity fundraising way of the future now. I also have a problem with the envelopes that come through the door. A neighbour comes to collect the and writes something on the envelope. Does anyone know what happens next? Do these neighbours get to know how much we've all paid?
  9. Merlin Estates are still operating under many other names
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