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  1. thanks but luckily i don't drive so not worried about that realy,house is in a small culdi sack off hatfield house lane anyway, just realy wonderin about wether theres any trouble or owt round that area.
  2. hi there just wondered if anyone can give me an idea of what the area winkley terrace just off hatfield house lane is like to live? it's right across from hatfield house school practicaly and very close to bellhouse road,any info or advice greatly appreciated thanks:)
  3. hi there,not sure this is the right place to be posting but just after some advice.i have medical priority to move due to mobility and health issues so need a wetroom ect but my current property cant be converted ive been bidding since my priority began on 9th oct and finaly they say i have been matched to a house but it isnt adapted so firstly i wonder if anyone could tel me why they have offered me this house instead of 1 of the many many already adapted ones i have bid for,when they will have to go to the expense of adapting it? secondly wondering what the area is like if anyone could advice its called winkley terrace just of hatfield house lane very close to bell house road,any info at all greatly appreciated, thanks:)
  4. 2 female guinea pigs with cage they are about a year old these were my sons but he no longer has the time to give them the attention they need good loving home wanted. and must go together,jet is pure black and can be a little nervous at times but does not bite,sparks is white gold and grey beautiful girl and very loving. £20:)
  5. neil mellor has returned to pne,after talks over contract with owls broke down.
  6. yet another defeat,is it time for irvine to go now.
  7. football clubs should ban the press from going to grounds,as it was all down to them we never got world cup.well done telegraph.
  8. wat a load of rubbish again tonite,time irvine went or get rid of tudguy,no room for pair of no hopers at this club.
  9. do you know a pub that has a kitchen,but not sell food,and are willing to rent out there kitchen.
  10. went to old grindstone,for my usual meal this afternoon,was told they are closed for buissness,and are no longer doing food,shame as i enjoyed going there for my lunch,nd sunday carvery.what are the new owners doing to the place.
  11. you want to try old grindstone,home made food only £ 3.25,for a good meal.
  12. yes went for meal,very good value,cheap ,good ammount,thanks
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