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  1. Reason for Rehome / Sale-----------New job has very long hours. Time Scale – How Urgent?----------Quite urgent but will only go to a good home. Not first come forst served basis but whats best for him. Sale Amount-----------------------£100 Has the Dog been in Rescue--------No Location-------------------Sheffield 14 Age & Sex-----------------10 months, Male Breed/ Mix-----------------American Bulldog. KC Registered--------------No Approximate size-----------Approx 2 stone but my lump of a man broke the scales so its only a rough guess. Exercise Needed-----------As much as possible, hes an energetic little boy. Neutered & Micro chipped--No,No. Vaccinated & Wormed-----Yes Live in / out---------Goes out quite a lot but much preferes the indoors. Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals-------Yes, A dog. Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues--No Temperament------------Laid back and likes to be fussed. Good or Bad with Children-------Good with kids, we have 2. Dislike of Men or Women--------Preferes women a little more but is good with men too. OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals------Doesnt like cats, fine with other dogs. Travel OK in Car-------Unsure. Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time--------Not too long as he likes his attention. Destructive Behaviour---------Only when very board. Barks----------------Hardly ever and only to let you know he wantsto be let back in. During the night he can bark if he heres a starnge noise but noises hes used to wont bother him. Pull on the lead-------On occasion but hes pretty much out of that now. Crate trained---------Sorry, dont know what this is. Housetrained---------Yes, always lets you know when he needs the toilet General Information you can share about the Dog. Hes a verey affectionate dog and for someone twith the time to devote to him he will repay your love 10 fold. Hes obedient and loyal. Id love to keep him but i need the new job and its not fair on him as hes starting to get board as hes missing his runs and outings. Im asking for the £100 more for proof that you are willing to commit. Ownig a dog isnt cheap and requites not just love but money also. Please bare this in mind when enquiring about him.
  2. Thankyou for that. Just spoke to someone. Thankyou again
  3. Note to Mods. Please dont move this. I need a quick reply and the Sheffield section would be the best to get that. Thankyou.
  4. I need the number for Sheffield Wednesday. Ive looked online but all i get is 08 number and no one answers. Its rather urgent and id appreciate any help you can give.
  5. You mean you dont like the sound of the title and as mod you have the power to change it? Have you ever considered a job as an mp?
  6. His tats were disgusting if im honest.
  7. I can see your only here to try and start trouble but ill humor you. "I like my man to be able to hold a conversation and not just think with the contents of his pants" These are only 2 of the things i look for in a man. Happy now?
  8. Stress can make you very ill and having noisy neighbours can be very, very stressful.
  9. I turned him down for a few reasons. He was nice in a pretty way and i prefere a more rugged look. He was about 6,2" and im only 5,0". He had tattoos up his arms and i dont like them there.
  10. All i do? You mean youve seen me complain about some things and now youve made a generalisation.
  11. Out of interest why would you say this?
  12. Thats right. I like my man to be able to hold a conversation and not just think with the contents of his pants.
  13. I heard of that technique but as it was in the loft i didnt want to soak the downsatairs ceiling.
  14. We had one in our loft. I got some garden cane and a coat hanger, made the coat hanger into a loop and secured a carrier bag over the end. Reached into the loft and managed to fumble the nest into the bag and got my ex to quickly close the bag up, then threw it on a garden fire. Just be carefull you dont get stung.
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