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  1. I realise there are a few other threads asking this, though they seem to be a few years old and I'm hoping for more up-to-date (and honest) opinions. My family and I have been offered a council property. I drive, so transport isn't much of a problem (perhaps when it snows). Is there much in the way of family/community events? Any advice much appreciated
  2. Linzday, you can request an EHC needs assessment yourself or through school - details here: https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/education/information-for-parentscarers/care-support/specialneeds/education-health-and-care-plan/request-assessment.html I've found Mumsnet SN forums to be wonderful for help and advice about SENs, both in navigating school/SEN support and finding strategies for home. My youngest is 3, just started Foundation and I suspect is on the spectrum (still trying to persuade someone to refer him for assessment!). I found your thread as I'm already frustrated with DS's placement and researching alternatives in the hopes of securing an EHCP for when he starts school. Sorry I can't offer any firm advice or suggestions for schools, but feel free to PM me if you feel like a chat or rant
  3. Are some of the roads still blocked off? Seems like something a bit more serious than the average police apprehension round here.
  4. You could also try Freecycle/Freegle, loads of baby stuff posted if you're able to collect.
  5. At least 6 police cars and vans just drove past our house and are attending to something round the corner from us on Fleury Road, Gleadless Valley. Anyone know what's happening?
  6. No, he didn't explain why the heating wouldn't work. To be honest at the time I was just happy to be getting a new boiler, we've had problems with it for over a year as it kept losing pressure and it could take up to five minutes for hot water to start running from the taps. He explained this was probably due to the radiator leek, and sure enough the hot water supply is fine now, just not the boiler. We have a dial on the boiler to switch between "hot water and heating", "off" or just "hot water". When it's set to just "hot water" it works, setting it to water and heating cuts everything off, it doesn't even try to heat the water. The pressure seems fine, the warning light hasn't been on since the repairman's visit. So far as I can tell no other radiators are leaking.
  7. As the weather is getting colder, I'm desperate to hurry along progress for a boiler replacement in our council house. We've already been without heating for over two weeks, and have been advised the replacement could take at least another fortnight! Just over two weeks ago one of the radiators sprung a leek which caused the boiler to lose pressure and stop working. At the time it was still relatively warm. I called the repairs helpline and arranged for this to be repaired later in the week. The repair man was very helpful and fixed the problem as best he could - he capped the radiator and got the hot water working again (the heating wouldn't work) but advised me that the boiler needed replacing and that I'd get a call from Kier within a week to arrange this. That weekend the weather got cooler so I called Monday to see if there was any progress and was told there was nothing yet on the system. Called again Wednesday to hear the same thing. On Friday I finally managed to get through to someone who was willing to chase it up, and finally the job was posted on the system with the advise that it would be dealt with as soon as a job slot was available. Finally today (two weeks and two days after the problem began) I got a call from Kier arranging for someone to come and measure up for the new boiler this afternoon, but have been told the installation could still take two more weeks or longer as the boiler will need to be ordered. It's so cold in the house and we have no other form of heating. My youngest is not yet two years old, and I also have two other older children. I've advised the repairs service of this every time I've called and am so frustrated the repair is taking so long. I know it's only September, but our house is north-facing and particularly cold. Is there anything I can do to try and hurry the repair along? I get paid tomorrow and am going to buy a cheap electric heater to keep us going. Realistically though, should the repair be taking this long? I thought lack of heating was considered a "priority"!
  8. Just to confirm, it's only free to park for ONE HOUR, not all day. It is attended, and you will get a ticket if you park for longer than the hour - I know from experience when I didn't read the notice and parked for longer than I should have! Aside from that, it is a great place to park if you only need to pop into town for a quick errand =)
  9. I'm hoping to go back to Uni this Autumn and am looking well in advance for a nursery for my (now) 15-month old to attend so he can settle in by going a few hours a week. I live in Gleadless, but am planning a move to Heeley/Meersbrook in the coming months and ideally am looking for a nursery where he can settle without having to change when we move. Ideally those areas, or around the city centre is where I'm looking. Can anyone recommend a nursery where their children attend (or recently attended) please?
  10. Lock your tools up! I live in one of the "nicer" parts of the Valley and have lovely neighbours who all look out for each other. BUT I've seen for myself how rife car crime can be. Luckily I own a run down old thing which I deliberately keep in a state to deter the thieves from trying to break in. Do go knock on the doors of potential neighbours and ask their advice. Also go visit the road at night on a few different occasions to see what it's like and whether you do truly fancy living there (that's what I did, and was reassured that my street is quiet and fairly safe at night). As others have said, there are a few lovely bits and a few terrible ones. Also consider that you'll likely need to frequent the shops and other amenities in the area, so explore these too. It's not the worst place in the world, but frankly I can't wait to move (Heeley or Meersbrook are my first choices).
  11. My friend desperately needs a replacement washing machine. She's on a very limited budget, so we're looking for a secondhand bargain from somewhere that can deliver (and hopefully offer a few months' warranty). Any recommendations please?
  12. Are you single or living with a partner? Do you have any other children? Sorry you won't be eligible for the Sure Start grant (I wasn't either, claimed MA after the birth of my youngest). However, you may be eligible for housing and council tax benefits. You're unlikely to get the full amount as both are income-based though it may help. When baby is born you'll probably qualify for tax credits too. There are various "benefit calculators" which will help you find out if you're eligible for any extra help, try moneysavingexpert or DWP for good ones. Freecycle and Gumtree are great for picking up bargains. Also keep an eye out for The Baby and Toddler show (http://www.the-bfg.co.uk/) which is excellent for bargains!
  13. I'm hoping to find a good (hopefully reasonably priced) cobbler and a dry cleaner near Gleadless so I can fix up my winter coat and boots. My coat in particular I'm a little sentimental about and would like to think it's being looked after rather than roughly handled! Somewhere independent and reasonably priced would be ideal if possible. Thanks in advance to anyone who can advise
  14. No repeat this year? That seems like a joke to me now! We've been waiting for three weeks now for my son's pass to be issued. I just called Traveline and the first option was for parents of students applying for a 16-18 pass... The recorded message now says that parents cannot obtain information due to data protection laws! Luckily it says students can call for themselves up to 10pm at night to find out where in the queue their application is (my son is at college until 5pm so at least he can call when he's home). Yes, in the meantime we're paying full fare every day (rather than a full week's pass as still hoping it will arrive any day). My son looks much younger than 16 and a few times has been asked if he has his (school age) pass to be able to pay the reduced fare We're absolutely sure the form was filled correctly and even asked the lady who processed it at the interchange to check to ensure smooth running of the application. Can anyone pass on a number or address where we can file a complaint? We were told two weeks maximum for waiting, and I've a mind to send them the tickets for the extra time we've had to wait to request a refund of the extra he's had to pay!
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