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  1. our 1st tv was from snelsons then on spital hill in the 50s. Strange because that is where i started as an apprentice in the 1960s and remember all the makes you refer to. Funny old world
  2. I left in 1968 and there is no way i would return
  3. is this any help there is a graham nutall lives on gleadless valley
  4. as an ex resident of sheffield i would advise if ever in the south keep that to yourself. That would not go down well here in southsea cheers dave b
  5. god how times change ---------- Post added 20-03-2014 at 11:52 ---------- there were lots of similar types of pubs in that area in the mid. 60s
  6. I lived with my inlaws after getting married up until emigrating. good people could not have been better. they were Harry & Ada Levick of Constable rd.
  7. I met my wife to be at the Lacarno in 1965 her name LYNN LEVICK
  8. Will try sheeps head just to calm you down.Do try the better foods you my even ENJOY CHEERS
  9. hears your bouncing mickie's every ones a winner anyone remember that
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